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“Teleportation is Real, US Already Has Technology to Teleport People”, Claims Retired US Air Force General

According to General Steven L. Kwast, American scientists already know how the technology capable of moving people anywhere in the Universe for more than an hour. However, many experts and researchers immediately questioned these statements.
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His statements even made their way into the press and on the internet. Some say that if teleportation really exists, then it is highly probable to be the work of the government. Others claim that these affirmations come in order to compensate for the lag in development by the Americans in comparison to the rapid development of modern technology by Russia and China.
At the same time, according to some statements by retired military personnel, the United States possesses valuable information and engineering based on extraterrestrial technology, as well as the ability to fly to the Moon and Mars.
However, they have never demonstrated any of these things in order to counterfeit both Russia and China’s advancements.
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