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Russian cosmonaut reports a UFO near ISS

NASA abruptly cut a Russian cosmonaut broadcast just at the time Russian cosmonaut reports a UFO approaching ISS, which could be seen moving in the live broadcast of the International Space Station (ISS).

The cosmonaut recognizes the presence of an approaching UFO, which was slowly moving upwards, before being interrupted by NASA’s ground control.

The video was posted on November 21 and was detected by UFO expert Scott C. Waring.

Waring suggests that the images show up to three different UFOs, each of which shares a similar design, a kind of long tail. Then, 50 seconds after the video, you can see that part of the object in the form of “L” on the left side of the screen seems to bend.

You can also hear the voice of a Russian cosmonaut of the ISS, which could be Oleg Skrypochka or Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Skvortsov.

The cosmonaut is having an apparently normal conversation with the ground control center when he is heard saying “it is a ship”, when strange lights appear visually. It is at this point that a member of NASA is heard saying: “Copy everything, it is with you, thank you. Did you do something that is part of the maintenance of the source, in addition to what has been reported? ”

For Waring, the images show three extraterrestrial ships moving through the live broadcast of the ISS, and that the conversation between the Russian cosmonaut and NASA’s control is further evidence that something strange is happening.(Russian cosmonaut reports a UFO)

“There is a conversation and once the UFO appears, the conversation between the astronauts changes,” Waring said. “When the Russian astronaut aboard the ISS said: ‘a ship …’, NASA’s ground control interrupts it. They saw it on camera live. They react quickly before the astronaut could talk too much about it, but he already said the most important thing he could do: “a ship!” So here is 100% proof that NASA and Russia know that aliens frequently visit the space station. ”

Russian cosmonaut reports a UFO near ISS

The UFO expert also suggested that the NASA video seems to become blurry when UFOs appear, thus demonstrating that extraterrestrial spacecraft cause electrical disturbances. And there were many who agreed with Waring, adding that both space agencies and governments actively cooperate with civilizations from other worlds, and even share technologies.

But the most skeptical offered a more rational explanation for the alleged UFO encounter. For them, extraterrestrial ships were simply scattered ice particles when the ISS corrects its course. And what the word about “a ship” refers to, cosmonauts translate from English to Russian, what they mean is “a все, понял =” ah, ok, I understand. “

And what do you think about the video? Does the Russian cosmonaut mention the presence of a UFO?

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