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7-Day Oatmeal Diet Plan To Lose up 10 Pounds In a Week

This 7-day oatmeal diet plan is a balanced calorie diet that requires you to replace at least two meals of the day with oatmeal. In phase 1, include oatmeal three times a day in your diet for two days. In phase 2, include oatmeal 2 times a day for the next 2 to lose a [...]

25 Habits That Help You Take Charge of Your Health

When you’re healthy, you feel good about yourself as it puts a bounce in your step. Now is the time to take control of your life and your health by changing a few of your bad habits into positive ones. If you wish to energy to climb to a mountain’s peak or to make it [...]

15 Daily Positive Habits That Help Boost Low Energy Levels

Ever wonder why certain people get so much done in the day? If you’re constantly struggling to get going in the morning or get past low energy levels during an afternoon slump, it’s time to find new ways to find some energy for yourself. 15 POSITIVE HABITS THAT BOOST LOW ENERGY LEVELS Get a new [...]

Doctors Reveal 10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Walk Every Day

Walking has skyrocketed in popularity. New technology like apps and step counters help you keep track of how long and how far you’ve strolled. You may wonder about the benefits of hitting the pavement. So, what are the many reasons why you should take a walk every day? Let’s take a look. HOW MUCH EXERCISE [...]

13 Habits We Mistakenly Considered Harmless

Everyone knows that going to bed late and eating too much is unhealthy. But sometimes even the most harmless habits can present danger to our health. Did you know you could end up in the hospital if you stifle your sneeze? Or that chewing gum can make you feel less focused? We have compiled a list of habits that seem harmless but [...]

10 Things Money Can’t Buy

“Money has never made man happy, nor will it; there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.”­ – Benjamin Franklin When you reach a certain age, you begin to realize the importance of money. While true that “money can’t buy happiness”, it at least [...]

Psychology Explains Why Being Single Is Better Than a Toxic Relationship

You’ve been there – you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as anxiety overcomes you because you know that you’re in a toxic relationship. Things aren’t working anymore, and it seems that all you two do is fight, nit-pick, and nag each other to death. Perhaps, there could be more serious [...]

Why Crying During Movies Actually Means You’re Mentally Tough

Social scientists know that we tend to have a prejudice against those who cry during movies. Our tendency is to see people who cry as being emotionally weak. Rarely is crying during movies interpreted as being mentally tough, but if we can set our negative stereotypes aside, we can see how emotional outpourings like crying [...]

Stephen Hawking’s Beautiful Message For Anyone With Depression

Stephen Hawking, well known for his work in theoretical physics, has one of the greatest minds of our time. He was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England. As a young child, he wanted to study mathematics, but once he began college, he studied Natural Sciences. During his first year in Cambridge at the age [...]

What Are You Grateful For? Researchers Explain How Gratitude Changes Your Life

Counting your blessings is not just about adopting an attitude of gratitude; it’s about making great things happen in your life. Gratitude is a worldview that we wish more people would adopt because it’s much more positive than the alternative, which is to take things for granted. In a study of gratitude and subjective well-being, [...]