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The 17 Famous Logos with a Hidden Meaning That We Never Even Noticed

It turns out that some of the most well-known logos in the world were designed to indicate something much more than simple beauty. In fact, it seems that in some cases, every line, curve and color has meaning behind it.   Here are 17 famous logos with hidden meanings that we never noticed before. Fascinating! [...]

Ten Discoveries That No One Can Explain

The history of the world is full of surprising mysteries. None of us will live long enough to see them all solved. But it’s always interesting to have a look at some of the truly bizarre things which lie beneath the surface.   1. Moa Birds Moa birds were flightless birds that used to inhabit [...]

One Dragonfly Can Eat 100s of Mosquitoes per Day: Keep These Plants in Your Yard to Attract Dragonflies!

Nature has its own way of handling “situations.” Unfortunately, people like playing gods, and they try to take control over natural processes. Let’s discuss mosquitoes. The pesky insects invade areas in early spring. All they need is warm weather and water. Everyone hates mosquitoes, and everyone ignores the fact that chemical-packed repellents aren’t the only [...]

Goose Saves Shivering Puppy By Warming Him Up Under Her Wings

We are living in a technology-driven world, so we often spend our days in the office, without physically needing to see or talk to another person. All our digital devices, gadgets, and the Internet ease our communication, so we can work and order our food, coffee, and everything else we need without leaving the room. [...]

Puppy Drags Her New Blanket Outside To Share It With a Cold Homeless Dog

Friendship adds joy, love, and happiness to our days, and when with true friends, we know we are safe, protected, and cared for.  A good friend has your back, supports you, and helps when you are in trouble. Not long after she was rescued from the streets with her siblings, three years ago, Lana, an 8-month [...]

Tourists Urged Not To Ride Elephants In Thailand As Horrific Photos Emerge

These awful images were shared on Twitter. Many people think that they came from a popular holiday spot for western tourist called Phuket. Blood can be seen dripping from the elephants’ heads as their masters hit them with sharp metal hooks constantly. Scars can be seen on some of the elephants’ heads from older wounds. [...]


Photos sent back by Curiosity show what looks like an armored alien soldier keeping an eye on the curious Rover. Is NASA under surveillance? While searching through NASA images captured by the SUV-sized explorer, the owner of YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible made a strange discovery that could constitute yet another piece of evidence towards proving [...]