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Elephants Carry Dead Calf During Heartbreaking ‘Funeral Procession’

Elephants are known to be extremely protective of their young. Not only are they very protective, but they’re also highly intelligent animals. In fact, when one of their own passes away, they mourn, similar to human beings. A moving video captured such an occasion. Mourning the Dead Parveen Kaswan filmed and posted a video of [...]

Photographer Took One In A MILLION Photo, Didn’t Know Until He Got Home

Photographer didn’t notice he had taken an award-winning image until he got home. Daniel Biber, an amateur photographer from Hilzingen in Germany, was attempting to capture an image of starlings migrating in a vast swarm. Bilber succeeded in this, but he didn’t realize quite how remarkable his photographs were until he got home. Bilber was [...]

Extinct Bird Re-Evolved Into Existence Again After 136,000 Years

If someone were to look at the picture of the bird below, they would probably think it’s just an ordinary bird and nothing special either. The image is actually of the Aldabra white-throated rail, a flightless bird that lives on an atoll of Aldabra in the Indian Ocean. While this small bird may not look [...]

Perfect Preserved 40,000-Year-Old Head Of Giant Wolf Discovered In Siberia

When scientists and researchers dig things up from the past, especially animal or human remains, they are either just skeletons or they’ve been fossilized. However, that’s not always the case. One such example would be the wolf head and lion cub that were discovered in Siberia back in 2018. Estimated to be almost 40,000 years [...]

Eastern Puma Officially Declared Extinct By The USFWS

Unfortunately, the Eastern Puma has officially been declared as extinct by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). For many years prior to this tragic declaration, this majestic creature could often be found in the eastern states of the US, particularly along the Mississippi River. Sadly, that is no longer true. There have been a [...]

The Number Of Americans With “No Religion” Has Tripled Over The Last 30 Years

‘No religion’ becomes the most popular option in the United States for the first time. There has been a gradual shifting away from attendance in organized religion in the United States since the dawn of the twentieth century. Now new social attitude surveys have revealed that this trend has accelerated rapidly in the past few decades [...]

Baby Weasel Caught Riding On A Woodpecker’s Back

The animal kingdom never fails to surprise and these photographs are no exception. Martin Le-May, a casual photographer from East London, snapped a baby weasel enjoying what looks like quite an enjoyable ride on a woodpecker’s back. While it may seem cute and sweet, the truth behind the images is actually a lot more disconcerting. [...]

Human RFID Chips Will Not Be Optional and They Will “Change The Very Essence of What It Is To Be Human”

Human Microchips To Be Forced on Society? Sociology Professor Noelle Chesley paints a disturbing image, claiming that Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) chips will be mandatory for everyone at some point in the future. It may eventually become standard practice to insert a chip into an infant along with the first vaccination. Are RFID Chips the “Mark of [...]