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25 Bizarre Things In Outer Space That Can’t Be Explained

While humanity has been looking at the stars since ancient times, only recently have we made incredible strides in understanding of outer space. Using math, telescopes, and satellites, we continue to learn about the universe surrounding our little blue planet. Still, there’s so much more to learn and plenty we don’t know and can’t explain. [...]

6 Myths Everyone Believes about Space (Thanks to Movies)

Our knowledge of outer space is a lot like our knowledge of history — it’s really hard to separate what we know from research from what we picked up from movies. In both cases, this means that a lot of our everyday knowledge about space is just laughably wrong. Yep, it’s not enough for space [...]

5 Soviet Space Programs That Prove Russia Was Insane

The thing about the Iron Curtain is that we’ll never fully know what crazy shit went on behind it during the Cold War. And that’s too bad, because the little hints that leak out really make it look like these people just did not give a shit. Take the Soviet space program. We know they [...]

The 6 Weirdest Dangers of Space Travel

When mankind finally makes the big leap from Earth to space, it’s probably not going to be the time-warping black holes or mouth-raping aliens that do him in. In fact, tomorrow’s astronauts will be on the lookout for dangers that are laughably mundane. For every one dude who gets awesomely exploded by lasers or asteroids, [...]

5 Famous Space Missions That Almost Ended In Disaster

We recently told the story of how the Apollo moon landing was saved with a felt-tip pen. That kind of “We have to improvise something before the ship explodes!” story is one thing that real space travel has in common with Star Trek. Only in real life, you can’t just make up some tech jargon [...]

Most of Us Have Viruses Sleeping Inside Us, and Spaceflight Wakes Them Up

Human spaceflight seems all the more remarkable when you consider the fact that our bodies didn’t evolve for space. We suffer in major ways as a result of microgravity and living in confined quarters hundreds of miles above the surface of the planet. Even our our immune systems take a hit, leaving us more susceptible [...]

Majority of Americans Believe It Is Essential That the U.S. Remain a Global Leader in Space

Despite the increasing role of private companies in space exploration, most believe NASA’s role is still vital for future Sixty years after the founding of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), most Americans believe the United States should be at the forefront of global leadership in space exploration. Majorities say the International Space Station [...]

15 Leaks That NASA Didn’t Want Us To Know About

It’s understandable that NASA might be a little secretive. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was born out of The Cold War. Its early years were spent in a pitched space race with Russia to see who could be the first on the moon. NASA eventually won the race (or so they claim) but that didn’t [...]

25 Things About NASA Tech That Gets Sci-Fi Fans Drooling

NASA has been the source of fascination for anyone that comes across one of their projects. What they do is simply amazing and is really going to push the human race forward into the great unknown. Space is their main area of popularity as they were the people who put the man on the moon and [...]

15 Things NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know

Yes, NASA’s motto is, “For the benefit of all.” In case you didn’t know, NASA is short for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Simply put, NASA is an independent agency of the United States government that deals with aeronautics, space exploration, and the operation and design of planes. The U.S. worked hard to create [...]