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King Charles Permanently Banishes Prince Harry From His Royal Home: “He Will Never Be Allowed Back to Frogmore”

There’s no end in sight for the drama between the royal family and the pair who deliberately delisted themselves from the monarchal fold, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. These days, it’s been the ex-royals who’ve been at fault for stirring up the pot, whether it’s Harry refusing to meet his father or beef with the Beckhams resurfacing. However, as The Times reported, the “King’s kindness is not without limit;” King Charles has “sent a message” to Harry directly implying that “he will never be allowed back to Frogmore.”

Prince Andrew, the “disgraced” Duke of York, is no stranger to controversies and a dark past that has presumably blacklisted him from many possible opportunities in the royal family. Fed up with this shameful son’s refusal to move out of the Royal Lodge, King Charles is now “forcing Andrew to move to Frogmore” Cottage, where the rogue royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once resided.

Speaking with The Mirror, royal expert Tom Quinn claims that the king’s decision “solves several problems at once.”

“It sends a message to Harry that, as a private citizen and no longer a working royal he will never be allowed back to Frogmore. It [also] sends [a] message to Andrew that, having disgraced himself, he can no longer expect to live in the grand style. And, finally, it means that a suitably grand residence can be made ready for the royals who really matter — William and Kate.”

Needless to say, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would likely have never moved back to Frogmore Cottage now that they are attempting to live a pompous and lavish A-lister life in their California home. However, the message from King Charles is clear: another critical bridge between the royal family and the Sussexes has been burned, never to be rebuilt. It’s getting harder and harder to see hope that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will eventually make progress in repairing their shattered relationship with the monarch.

This Feud With King Charles and Harry Might Ruin the Lives of the Prince’s Children

While there are some who might feel bad for Harry and Meghan and many who might cheer at King Charles’ “message,” it’s sad to think how poorly all this drama will affect their children’s mental health. A post’s title in the subReddit r/DlistedRoyals encompasses the sentiment perfectly:

“Imagine your Grandfather is an actual King. But you are strangers. Because of your parents.”


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