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NASA’s Website Shows 3 Objects From Space Which Are Marked as Unknown

I stumbled upon three different objects in a NASA index, and guess what, all are marked as UNKNOWN. Every one of these objects has been seen and recorded from a space shuttle. They apparently came from STS32 and STS61, which are two different shuttle missions.

What are they and why they were outside the window of the space shuttle? Are they really are UFOs? I think there is a high chance they might be related to some kind of extraterrestrial activity. The shuttle is traveling at 17,500 miles per hour, which means that those objects had their own propulsion in order to keep up with the shuttles.

Photo 1.

Date of discovery: Nov 10, 2019

Location of discovery: Earths orbit

Have a look at the following video for more information and please don’t forget to share your opinions with us.

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