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Drink Coconut Water Everyday To Balance Blood Sugar Levels, Burn Fat And Much More

“Many individuals, especially the ones who are not used to having coconut in their everyday diet, regularly allude to coconut milk and coconut water conversely. However, these two drinks are completely different. Coconut water is the clear, raw fluid you get when you open a green and fresh coconut that grows naturally in the fruit. [...]

New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the More Their Brains Develop

To borrow a phrase: love works in mysterious ways. We are born to love and, as it turns out, love and affection are necessary for both optimal positive emotional and physical development. And to be honest, nothing feels better than giving your loved one a warm embrace –or being on the receiving end. Role of [...]

These Foods Make Cancer Cells Grow in Your Body! Stop Eating Them Right Now!

We are all aware of the importance of healthy lifestyles, balanced diets, and a regular exercise. However, we are often unaware of the dangers imposed by the food we regularly consume. Namely, there are certain foods which are regarded as healthy but are not even close to it, as they can lead to numerous severe [...]

Avoid These 10 Foods To Avoid Worse Joint Pain

The pain in the joints significantly aggravates even the easiest daily activities and leads to inflammation, swellings, and discomfort. Numerous people suffer from these pains, no matter their age or gender. The pain can vary from mild to severe, from acute to chronic. The main causes of joint pain are gout and arthritis, as well [...]

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Peanut Butter Every Day

Peanut butter has been used since forever, and yes, we combine it with almost anything. Its nutty flavor works well with jelly, right? Well, your favorite treat is actually healthy, and we will give you a few more reasons to eat it with your chocolate, apples and celery. You read that right. Peanut butter is [...]

Science Explains What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day

A 2008 survey conducted by Decision Analyst showed that people in the U.S. believe oatmeal is one of the top 4 most beneficial meals to health, out of a list of 70 different foods. The American Society for Clinical Nutrition found that 97% of the nutritionists maintain that oatmeal is incredibly healthy. The nutrient composition [...]

Hello from aliens? Astronomers Receive Repeated Signals From Universe

It is unclear what caused these blasts but there could be a couple sources | File photo from GettyImages HIGHLIGHTS Eight new repeating blasts of energy from deep space were detected by telescopes on EarthRepeating Fast Radio Burst sources were found using Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment telescopeThe first Fast Radio Burst was discovered in [...]