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A pilot of the Turkish Airlines company records a UFO from the cabin

It has always been said that the only people who see UFOs are anonymous people, who get carried away by the stereotype that has been perpetuated by the world of science fiction, leading to erroneous identifications of what they have witnessed. But the reality is quite another, UFOs are sighted by men and women from all [...]

The appearance of a Jesus like figure in sky causes panic in Argentina

Most people, when they think of the word apocalypse, conjure up images of chaos and destruction. But experts in the field say that this is due to a misinterpretation of the real meaning. The word “Apocalypse” comes from the Greek word “apocalupsis” which means “reveal, unveil or lift the veil” . If we take this definition for good, then we see that it coincides [...]

“It sits on my bed”: a man filmed a paranormal phenomenon in his bedroom

Recently, on Twitter and simultaneously on the Reddit website, an unusual video appeared that was posted by a young girl.(paranormal phenomenon) According to her, this video (see below) was filmed on a video surveillance camera in her father’s bedroom. At night, her father began to feel that someone was playing around with his bedding, and [...]

What is this “Mysterious creature” that appears in the Forest? (Video)

A video recently uploaded to YouTube that shows a kind of Mysterious creature or monster has caused controversy among users regarding its true nature .. It is a “close encounter of the fuzzy type” .. The video titled “Mysterious creature in the forest” uploaded by YouTube user Audrée Tanguay Fréchette supposedly suggests that a strange creature [...]

In Malaysia, the hospital was temporarily closed, where people were intimidated by ghosts(Desa Gesir Tengah hospital)

At the end of March 2019, the small Desa Gesir Tengah hospital in the Malaysian Hulu Selangor district announced its temporary closure. The reasons cited were “mysterious cases of injury to nurses and patients.”( Desa Gesir Tengah hospital ) According to a local group of paranormal researchers on their Facebook page, strange things have been observed at [...]


A USAF veteran from Ayden, Carolina spotted and filmed a supersonic UFO traveling at 17 times the speed of sound. He filed a report with MUFON, who notified NASA and sent them a copy of the video. On October 26, the former Air Force member was flying his DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K drone above [...]

Abducted Italian man has photos of Aliens from planet “Clarion”

Maurizio Cavallo, 63, is also known by the pseudonym Jhlos, and has published several books on the subject. In 2012, at a conference in Turin, Italy, he spoke about who the extraterrestrials would be: “They are the stellar guardians, the lords of the rainbow: they are the gardeners of the universe, the precursor ancestors; timeless [...]

NASA images show an object 100 times larger than Earth coming out of the Sun

The Sun is a portal for civilizations from other worlds, which use a form of hyperdimensional mathematics based on sacred geometry . No doubt it is a really interesting theory, which was disclosed by Corey Goode, former member of a supposed secret space program. According to Goode, during his six-year service in a scientific research spacecraft belonging to the [...]

Mysterious UFO Flying Near A Secret Base Baffles US Military

A UFO that fell near a top-secret military base has left the U.S. Air Force baffled after confirming to reporters that the object in question was not one of their planes. When residents in Anchorage, Alaska saw the UFO, they initially suspected the involvement of the local American base, but the Air Force stepped in [...]