The royal couple’s awkward demeanor seemed to catch the attention of royal author Tom Quinn, who suggested it was a sign of a failing marriage. Speaking to The Mirror, the royal expert claimed:

It was fascinating to see how loved up Meghan and Harry were at the event. But there was a sense that some of this was rather forced.

According to Quinn, Harry and Meghan are worried about the barrage of divorce rumors coming their way, so they are pressured to put up a demonstration of their love. They strongly want to show the world that all is well in their marital paradise.

As a result, Meghan tapped into her roots as an actress and pretended to be lovey-dovey with her husband at the event.

Is Meghan Markle Returning To Her ‘Suits’ Roots?

It is no news that Harry and Meghan came swinging out the door as a super romantic couple. Public displays of affection are no doubt their thing. However, Quinn believes that since PDA is a part of their brand, the public might suspect things have gone awry if the lovebirds don’t keep up appearances. Unfortunately, Prince Harry is struggling with playing his part.

Harry is in the most difficult position because he gave up being a working Royal for this romance, and if the romance fails, he has nothing else.

Quinn further told the publication,

“Meghan knows how to use her acting skills to make a brand work. Harry hasn’t a clue. He only knows how to be a royal and he gave that up.”

It also doesn’t help that the duo has been busy trying to rebuild their public presence following their failed Netflix deal, which resulted in the release of their failed documentary Harry & Meghan. Hopefully, the couple gets it right before the rumors become real.