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Kate Middleton’s Uncle Spills Surgery Secrets: Says ‘There’s a Reason’ Palace Staying Quiet

Kate Middleton ‘s uncle Gary Goldsmith has spilled the Princess of Wales’ surgery secrets as he competes on the U.K. version of Celebrity Big Brother . He claims “there’s a reason” Kensington Palace is staying quiet on the procedure and Kate’s recovery .

Kate Middleton’s surgery details kept quiet by palace, says uncle

Gary Goldsmith, brother to Kate Middleton’s mother , Carole Middleton, spilled more details about his royal niece on the U.K. version of Celebrity Big Brother . Goldsmith says that “there’s a reason” the palace is keeping details about his niece’s surgery and recovery secret .

Goldsmith told his housemates Kate needs “space” to recover. His remarks came on the heels of conspiracy theories surrounding the princess’ health and recovery.

“I think they should leave her alone right now because there’s a reason why they’re [family] not talking about it. They are giving her a little bit of space,” Goldsmith began.

He continued, “I just think it’s fundamentally wrong, and if it were happening to anybody else, they would think to give them some space. But because Kate’s Kate, she does such an amazing job, there’s always interest in her.”

Kate Middleton is ‘the number one royal for a reason,’ says Gary Goldsmith

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gary Goldsmith continues to stand up for Kate Middleton to those who speculate about her overall health. He shot down theories surrounding his beloved niece to his fellow game players.

“She’s the number one royal for a reason, and I just beg people to give her some space,” he stated. Goldsmith added that he believes the new generation of senior royals have “changed the dynamic” in the House of Windsor.

“I do think that they’re changing the dynamic, and they are family-centric,” he said of Prince William and Kate Middleton. “They’ve got a duty and it’s a privilege to have the roles that they do have, but it’s family first.”

Goldsmith concluded, “You’ve got to look after yourself. You put your own oxygen mask on before you look after others. Kate, get well. I love you, and when you’re ready, we’ll see you again. That’s what we do to anyone else. Why not her?”

Kate Middleton continues to recover at home

The latest news from Kensington Palace regarding Kate Middleton’s recovery came after conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales hit a fever pitch. On Feb. 29, they released a statement via People Magazine : “We were very clear from the outset that the Princess of Wales was out until after Easter and Kensington Palace would only be providing updates when something was significant.”

They also added that she is “doing well” after Kate spent nearly two weeks at The London Clinic in Marylebone after undergoing abdominal surgery. She left the facility on January 29.

In the initial statement about her surgery released on Jan. 17, one day after the operation, Kensington Palace said it was Princess Kate’s “wish that her personal medical information remains private.” The statement continued the palace would “only provide updates on Her Royal Highness’ progress when there is significant new information to share.”

Kate Middleton has not undertaken official royal duties since Christmas Day, 2023. She is recovering at the home she shares with Prince William, Adelaide Cottage.

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