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Kate Middleton’s Condition Is ‘Worse Than Anyone Knows,’ Insider Claims

Kate Middleton is focused on recovering from her abdominal surgery, and the world continues to be curious about the Princess of Wales’ whereabouts. The Palace is protective of Kate’s privacy, but an insider claims that her condition is more alarming than fans realize.
Kate Middleton won’t return to her public life until after Easter. MEGA

“The truth is she’s very sick. It’s worse than anyone knows ,” an insider told an outlet.

The source revealed Prince William “is really worried,” adding, “he’s willing to drop everything to be by her side.”

Kate won’t return to the spotlight until after Easter , but that didn’t stop Twitter users from creating theories online about her well-being .
Kate Middleton’s uncle talked about her health in an episode of ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ MEGA

OK! previously reported royal commentator Jack Royston urged William to give British citizens an update on his wife.

“The public have a completely different perspective on the concept of medical privacy compared to the palace one,” Royston said on the “Royal Report” podcast. “So, for the palace, respecting Kate’s privacy means leaving her to her own devices and giving her as long as the doctors suggest she needs and that’s the end of it.”

“To the public, letting Kate have the time off was respecting her privacy,” the correspondent shared. “I think they do genuinely have some sympathy for the palace not wanting to go into too much detail about the specifics of her diagnosis. But most ordinary people just see no reason why the royals wouldn’t want to release a picture of her.”
Royal experts urged Prince William to update Brits on Kate Middleton’s condition. MEGA

On Thursday, February 29, William went to the Western Marble Arch Synagogue to fight against the increase of anti-Jewish hate in the U.K., and the future king shared Kate’s thoughts on the issue.

“He mentioned her during a visit to Western Marble Arch Synagogue in London,” Royston said. “So, this was a job highlighting the rise in antisemitism since the October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel and the Israeli war against Hamas in Gaza that followed, so Williams said ‘both Catherine and I are extremely concerned about the rise of antisemitism .'”

“Now, to the public, there’s just absolutely no logical reason why William can say how Kate feels about antisemitism, but can’t say how she’s been finding the past six weeks since surgery,” he continued.

As William continues to juggle his duties and caring for the princess, Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith talked about his niece on Celebrity Big Brother.

“She’s getting the best care in the world and all the family has done is put the wagons around and looked after family first before anything else,” Goldsmith shared. “They put a statement out that just said: ‘We will take some time to recoup and we’ll see you in Easter.'”

“I’ve heard mixed things about Kate and I don’t want to make a comment , but whatever it is, we want her to come back,” Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu told Goldsmith. “She’s amazing. She will be back. Of course, she will.”

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