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The Rift Is Over! Meghan Markle ‘Has Contacted Princess Kate’ in Bid to End Their ‘Fraught Relationship’

Meghan Markle has made the first move to drop the feud by reaching out to Kate, Princess of Wales , in a bid to reunite — and the future queen is “open” to the idea!

“Meghan has contacted Kate and Charles ,” a source spilled. “So moves are being made to reconcile.”
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton had been feuding since early 2018. MEGA

The insider shared how the Duchess of Sussex personally “reached out” to her sister-in-law and father-in-law in an effort to end the years-long animosity between the fractured royal houses. Even though the Princess of Wales and His Majesty are open to the idea, it was made clear that Prince William will likely never forgive Prince Harry. “That one [Harry and William] is a tougher egg to crack, and will probably never happen,” another source revealed when discussing the William/Harry rift.

A third source stated how “Meghan is supportive of Harry in all of this, and she wishes the royals — Kate included — the very best.”

The first insider also stated how even though the ex-actress wasn’t in Britain when Harry visited on February 6, she did persuade her husband to “spend time” with his ailing dad, and tell him how much he loves him. The Duke of Sussex spent only one hour (some reports claim 45 minutes) with King Charles.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had an active 2024 so far. MEGA

Numerous royal analysts have both criticized and praised his brief meeting with the monarch, but one says it is important to focus on what the trip means.

“The main thing about Harry’s visit was that it happened. It clearly showed he was concerned, and [it] may well be followed by subsequent visits,” veteran royal and entertainment commentator Richard Fitzwilliams exclusively told The Royal Observer .

The expert shares how it was “sensible” for the prince to come to Britain “solo,” since the appearance of Meghan Markle, who is largely reviled in the U.K., could have possibly soured the reunion.

“Hopefully, this can be built upon in the future weeks and months,” Fitzwilliams observed. “Cancer changes everything, and families should be unified, at least publicly, during this very difficult time.”
The Duchess of Sussex personally contacted the Princess of Wales despite their years-long rift. MEGA

His Majesty was diagnosed with an unknown form of cancer on Monday, February 5, in news that shocked Britain and concerned the world. Charles III has only reigned for some 17 months since his accession to the Crown on September 8, 2022, when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II , passed away. The King, who has been healthy his entire life until now, is currently receiving a series of treatments to fight the condition.

It is not currently unknown when or if Meghan and Kate will meet with one another, but analysts say that their phone call was “warm and humorous.”
The Duchess of Sussex personally contacted the Princess of Wales despite their years-long rift. MEGA

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