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New Poll Reports Whopping 86% Of Americans Believe President Joe Biden Is ‘Too Old’ For Second Term

After the release of a recent Robert Hur Report , a new poll by ABC News/Ipsos (a leading market research and global polling company) reports that a whopping 86% of Americans believe President Joe Biden is “too old” for a second term.

On February 5, Special Counsel Robert K. Hur released a report speaking on President Joe Biden’s memory lapses, and numerous other subjects, like whether Americans believe Biden should have been charged with a crime for his handling of classified documents upon leaving the office as Vice President under Barack Obama .

In the ABC News and Ipsos poll conducted, 38% of Americans believe he should have been charged, while 34% say he shouldn’t, and 28% do not know. Meanwhile, on the legal issues that Trump is facing from his past presidency, the poll found that a clear majority of Americans (68%) believe he should not have immunity from criminal prosecution.

While looking at the numbers on whether our current president is “too old,” the poll found the majority of Americans (59%) believing that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are indeed past their prime for another term as president.

The poll suggests that age will continue to be a factor in the 2024 election. In addition to the 59% believing Biden and Trump are “too old” for a second term, another 27% believe that only Biden (not Trump) is “too old” to sit in the White House for another four years.

According to the poll, only one in ten Americans (11%) believe that neither is “too old” to serve a second term. When breaking things down by political parties, the poll found that the majority of Republicans (62%) believe only Biden is “too old” while the majority of both Democrats (69%) and Independents (70%) believe that both men are “too old.”


About the Study

It’s reported that the ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted from February 9 to 10, 2024 by Ipsos, who used the probability-based KnowledgePanel ® . The poll sampled 528 adults age 18 or older and factored in all responses and lack of responses; meaning if any respondents refused to answer any questions, they (and their other responses) were not pulled from the final data.

Additionally, the weighting categories were as follows:

  • Gender (Male, Female) by Age (18–29, 30–44, 45–59, and 60+)
  • Race/Hispanic Ethnicity (White Non-Hispanic, Black Non-Hispanic, Other or 2+ Races Non-Hispanic, Hispanic)
  • Education (High School graduate or less, Some College, Bachelor, Masters and beyond)
  • Census Region (Northeast, Midwest, South, West)
  • Metropolitan status (Metro, non-Metro)
  • Household Income (Under $25,000, $25,000-$49,999, $50,000-$74,999, $75,000-$99,999, $100,000-$149,999, $150,000+)
  • Party ID (Democrat, Republican, Independent, Something else)

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