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Taylor Swift Puts Kim Kardashian in Her Place

Taylor Swift has put Kim Kardashian in her place. These two women have been feuding for years. It is likely a safe bet that Taylor feels good about this victory. Anytime she can put Kim in her place and pass her up, it makes her day. Unfortunately, Kim is probably unhappy about Taylor’s latest victory.

More Bad Blood Between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian is no longer the most influential celebrity in beauty and fashion. That has to hurt, considering these are a few of her favorite things. But even worse than losing her number one spot, the real sting comes from losing out to Taylor Swift.

According to The Sun, a new study reveals that Kim Kardashian only garnered 18,200 searches while Taylor Swift had 22,240. Taylor’s victory over Kim even reaches out to the reality television star’s sibling, Kylie Jenner, who also beat out Kim and brought in 21,200. So even though Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner were not too far apart, the victory for Swift was a double win.

However, most of Taylor Swift’s fans believe nothing that the Karma singer accomplishes now will match the fun she has with her new man, Travis Kelce. The two appear to be head over heels for each other, and as far as Taylor is concerned, he is her biggest priority.

Wedding Bells May Be Ringing Soon For the Pop Star

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce rumors are spreading like wildfire. So, with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Swifties are hoping for two things. First, Travis’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, win the big game against the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on February 11.

Secondly, rumor is that if the Chiefs win, Travis Kelce could allegedly propose to his girl, Taylor. To make the entire event even crazier, bets are being taken. Fans are betting whether Taylor and Travis become engaged during the Super Bowl.

Whatever happens on February 11 with the Super Bowl and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, one thing is for sure. It is going to be a night to remember not only for football fans but for everyone across the globe rooting for Taylor and Travis’s Love Story. Everyone except for maybe Kim Kardashian, that is.

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