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Meghan Markle Is Reportedly ‘Furious’ That She Has ‘Different Rules’ Than Other Royal Family Members

Meghan Markle has not been shy about her distaste for the royal family—she’s said it on Oprah, she’s starred in a Netflix documentary about it, and her husband, Prince Harry, wrote a book about it (re: his memoir, Spare ). Now, it’s come out that the Duchess of Sussex has been comparing herself to the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, who has been on multiple TV interviews in the recent past, and Meghan’s wondering why she was slammed for doing the same. Keep reading for more information.

Meghan Markle Is Furious Over ‘Different Rules’

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has appeared on numerous daytime television shows, including This Morning and Loose Women. She’s also written numerous books over the years, ranging from adult fiction to children’s picture books to a few books about herself and her life as the Duchess of York. Through it all, she’s never received a lick of backlash.


Meghan and Harry, on the other hand, have received an overwhelming amount of backlash for doing the same, although the focus of all of their television appearances and book deals did revolve around the Royal Family, and almost always painted the family in a bad light.


Royal expert and commentator Neil Sean spoke about the situation last week, saying, “The thing that riles Meghan is that Fergie pops up on things like the ITV daytime show ‘This Morning,’ ‘Loose Women’ and billing herself as the Duchess of York, selling books and possibly doing adverts all under the Royal Family.”


“Meghan and Harry seemingly don’t understand why it’s a different rule for her,” he continued.

Fans Say You ‘Can’t Compare The Two At All’

Many fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the issue. “Fergie’s husband left her, and she had no choice,” one fan wrote. “Meghan on the other hand, took the Prince away from the royal family and moved to another continent. Can’t compare the two at all.”


“One of Meg’s latest projects—more complaining about ‘unfairness,'” another fan said. “Fergien was a hard-working Royal for many years and is beloved by the family. She shares her children, she lives in Great Britain, and is always respectful of the hierarchy.”


“Like Meghan, Fergie is no longer a working royal and is permitted to work, even in entertainment—as Meghan is,” another fan commented. “The difference is that people are hiring Fergie. No one seems to want to employ Meghan. There are no different rules for Fergie. She’s just a more likable, more successful ex-royal at this point.”

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