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If Your Kidney Is In Danger, The Body Will Give You These 7 Signs

Maintaining healthy kidney function is something extremely important for our health. They are some of the most crucial areas as they filter 120-150 quarts of blood daily.

Kidneys are located against the back muscles in the upper abdominal area, therefore a problem with these organs can often be felt in your upper back or flank, or side area.

These organs help maintain the blood stable, support the electrolyte levels, prevent the accumulation of waste and fluids in the body, produce red blood cells, strengthen the bones, and control blood pressure.

Many different symptoms can occur during kidney failure. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize the early signs, in order to treat the problem on time and prevent any further complications.

Here are the most common signs of improper function of the kidneys:


Healthy kidneys produce EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone that increases the number of red blood cells. These blood cells are required for the proper supply of oxygen throughout the body.

If the red blood cell number is low, the person often experiences symptoms, such as muscle damage, fatigue, severe anemia, and brain damage.


When the kidney function is not working properly, it can’t get rid of excess fluids less in the body. These often lead to swellings in the body, especially in the leg, hand, face, ankle, and feet areas.

Skin Rashes

If the kidneys are unable to remove waste from the bloodstream, the buildup can cause dry skin, rashes, and severe itching.

Here are some additional early signs of kidney damage:

  • Foamy urine
  • Troubles urinating
  • Pressure during urinating
  • Urination changes (a reduced amount of urine)
  • Pale urine color, frequent urination, and in large amounts
  • Dark urine, less frequent urinating and in small amounts
  • Urge to urinate during the night

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