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At The Age of 95, Betty White Revealed Her Secret To Staying Young

96 Years Old Betty White Exposes Her Example of Longevity

Betty White is an American actress and comedian, with the longest television career. She has a 76-year career of acting, comedy, writing, activism, television, and radio behind her. Her life and appearance still motivate people, and many are curious about the way how she succeeded to stay in such a good condition.

She turned 96 on January 17th, 2018, but she looks incredibly attractive, showing no signs of slowing down.

What is her secret?

Betty decided to share her secret in a TODAY interview with Al Roker, explaining the mystery of her youthfulness.

She simply focuses on enjoying life as a tip for living happily. Her attitude was to highlight the positive, not the negative. She realized that a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, “Hey, that was great!” According to her opinion, it is not hard to find great stuff if you look for it.

When it comes to eating for longevity, she does not limit herself to kale or health foods, but instead, she opts for consuming things she loves (namely vodka and hot dogs).

She intends to take her craft seriously and advises anyone with Hollywood dreams to “do their work.”

Very important for Betty is to learn the lines of the business and come in prepared, because nobody can do it well without the serious attitude.

She is apparently not so much different than her legendary roles (Sue Ann Nives and the naïve Rose Nylund on Golden Girls), however, she relates more to the first one.

Even her joke that men are a hobby that the women share and the men aren’t aware of it, she never remarried again after the death of her husband Allen Ludden.

She explained her decision with the words:

“When you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?”

Betty emphasized to get yourself a hobby and to do it now will greatly benefit you as you grow into your golden years.

Hobbies are very beneficial for energizing the body and boosting the immune system, improving self-esteem, reducing stress, boosting flexibility, and improving sleep quality.

She believed that work with animals is also so good for refurbishing the people’s energy.

According to Betty, everyone should maintain kindness in order to succeed personally, in a relationship or professionally.

Her opinion is that the hurtful thing even if they are irritating or making people upset shouldn’t be expressed to others because that sticks around, or that just chips off a little of the other guy’s self-esteem.

All above mentioned have allowed her to live happily and so long.

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