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10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You

When we think about bad habits, we normally mean something like smoking or eating junk food, but there are some habits many of us have and we don’t even realize that they do something bad for us or annoy the people around us. Turns out that some of your daily habits could be doing you more harm than good, like that yummy smoothie that you enjoyed this morning that has 3 bananas in it.


We care about our readers and prepared this selection so you can check to see if you have some of these unwanted habits.


1. Wearing clothes while sleeping

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
Sleeping in your clothes is really not a good idea. Tight t-shirts can affect the blood circulation and eventually you will get too hot and uncomfortable. Even if you don’t wake up, it will disturb the quality of your sleep.


2. Brushing your teeth too hard

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
It may seem like if you brush your teeth harder, they will get cleaner, but that’s not quite right. Apply just enough pressure to feel the bristles against your gums. If you are squashing the bristles, it’s too much pressure and it could damage your gums and enamel.

3. Multitasking

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
The stereotype that all women can multitask is not entirely correct. According to research, only about 2% of the population can really do this effectively. So, don’t try it unless you are absolutely certain that you are in that 2%. Focus on one thing at a time and soon you’ll find out that your efficiency has improved.


4. Obsessing over things that are out of your control

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
You cannot change what other people do. If you keep stressing about it, it still won’t change but your well-being will. Use your time and energy on self-improvement and become a better version of you. We are not saying that you should be indifferent, just don’t get obsessed about something you have no control over. Your family and friends need you to stay healthy and happy.


5. Catastrophizing

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
Catastrophizing is the next level of the previous point. If this is you, trust us, it’s not the end of the world no matter what it’s about. Constant stressing releases a mountain of stress hormones which are responsible for all sorts of physical and mental health issues — anxiety, depression, gastro problems, and even heart

6. Procrastination

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
Let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of procrastination to various degrees, but if this habit gets out of control and you keep putting off your projects and assignments until a day before they’re due, you may get into big trouble at your job or at school.


7. Negative body language

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in real life, we all rely on what we see. In fact, experts believe that the majority of our communication is based on non-verbal signs. Analyze yourself and try to see if you have any bad body language habits like slouching, defensive poses, or aggressive eye contact, which could be misinterpreted. If you find you do some of these things, try to actively work on eliminating them.

8. Popping painkillers all the time

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
When not used properly, painkillers can cause more health issues that they solve, including memory issues, mood swings, poor concentration, and slowed reaction time. As the effect is gradual, you may not even notice that you are getting intoxicated by painkillers. Severe abuse of some painkillers can increase the risk of ulcers and even internal bleeding.


9. Wearing high heels or flip-flops every day

10 Common Habits That Are Actually Bad for You
High heels look great, make your legs look longer, and make you feel beautiful and elegant. Keep in mind that using them every day for extended periods of time may cost you. When we wear high heels our lower back automatically pushes forward and it throws our hips and spine out of alignment, puts extra pressure on our knees, and means that our body weight is not evenly distributed on our feet.

Although flip-flops are exactly the opposite type of footwear from heels, they may also cause serious health issues. Because the sole is absolutely flat, the feet could start flattening. Insufficient support will cause the heels slide off and put extra strain on the ankles.

The suggestion is simple. Wear your favorite high heels and flip-flops occasionally, not every day, and your body will thank you for it.


10. Replacing breakfast with a smoothie

You may think that replacing breakfast with smoothies is a healthier choice. But nutritionists warn that common smoothie recipes have mainly fruits, water, and nut milk, which means that they have way too much sugar in one serving. While fruits are certainly good for you, having too much at once will still raise your blood sugar and increase your insulin levels, in other words, lead to weight gain. As can be said about many things, moderation is the key.


Can you think about something else that would fit in to this selection? Tell us about it in the comment section below. And share this article with your friends and family.

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