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NASA Images Show Mysterious Waves In The Clouds Over Antarctica

The art of war has evolved dramatically with the advent of contemporary technologies. However, one thing about war has not changed. The new images show mysterious waves in the clouds over Antarctica.

To win, it is still essential to maintain the true strength and extent of your hidden arsenal of your opponent.

The most important military secrets are only revealed to a select few. For this reason, the US government cannot disclose complete information about their national defense tactics to the people they swear to serve.

Therefore, it is clear that weapons of war have been developed and deployed without the knowledge of the American population.

Possibly one of the most controversial secret weapons is the Thor Project, a technology designed by Jerry Pournelle in the 1950s with the goal of destroying enemies with lightning from space.

Colloquially called “Bars of God,” this type of kinetic energy penetrator (KEP) would theoretically consist of a pair of satellites. One serves as an aiming center, and the other equipped with 6-meter long tungsten rods that would fall on a target from orbit.

Capable of penetrating hundreds of meters into the earth’s crust, these rays of Thor would produce damage equivalent to a nuclear explosion without the same consequences. And possibly now we have evidence of all these ultra-secret weapons.

Mysterious waves in the clouds over Antarctica

NASA has published photographs of mysterious sound waves moving across the Earth at high speeds. these photographs show Mysterious waves in the clouds over Antarctica

The high-tech cameras at the International Space Station captured the strange phenomenon over the Atlantic Ocean. The images show a strange pattern of clouds that seems to have been produced by some unidentified flying object , or even a “secret sonic weapon” The mysterious waves in the clouds extend for kilometers from space.

NASA images show mysterious waves in the clouds over Antarctica

The unusual phenomenon was first seen on the NASA website by Blake and Brett Cousins, who run the YouTube channel Thirdphaseofmoon . Both YouTubers agreed that “whatever it is, it’s really huge. ” The photos were taken earlier this month, just when the International Space Station was about 418 kilometers above Earth. Blake and Brett Cousins ​​also speculated that it was a ship going through the clouds or sound waves of a secret sonic weapon.

“What is surprising to me is that NASA and IBD were in the right place at the right time to capture this, I think it was an experiment,” the YouTubers said.

The brothers even claim that the photos reveal that NASA has been working with new space technology. This led the ISS to deliberately take “super high resolution” photos of the phenomenon. And how can it be otherwise, the controversial images have provoked a heated debate about the origins of the strange formations in the clouds. Theories range from UFOs, a NASA conspiracy, climate control experiments, and even the new US Space Force. It has also been suggested that the HAARP Project, which is related to weather manipulation, could be the cause of sound waves.

Scientific explanation

However, meteorologists have offered a logical and rational explanation about the origin of mysterious waves in the clouds over Antarctica. The National Meteorological Service of the United Kingdom (Met Office) says that the images actually show how the islands can create ‘steles’ as they interrupt the flow of air that passes over them.

“It’s the wake of an island called Bouvet (in Norwegian, Bouvetøya) in the South Atlantic,” a Met Office spokesman told Mail Online“It can be seen on satellite images of the same day’s weather.”

NASA images show mysterious waves in the clouds over Antarctica

According to NASA, the effect is a natural phenomenon, similar to the way a ship’s bow creates a V-shaped wave behind it in the water, and it’s not uncommon.

This same effect can occur with boats when water flows past them. In this case, it was the great body of Bouvet Island) that caused the airflow that passed through its upper part to be pushed sideways and create a  V-shaped ” wake in the clouds.

In addition, a similar phenomenon was captured by a NASA satellite in 2009 over the South Sandwich Islands.

“The islands disturb the smooth flow of air, creating waves that ripple through the atmosphere in favor of wind through obstacles,” NASA explained at the time.

“The cloudy and clear pattern that occurs highlights the location of the ridges and valleys of the waves. The humid and cloudy air over the ocean is often covered by a layer of dry air. 

When the wave undulates through the leeward atmosphere of the islands, clouds form (or persist) on the crests of the waves because the air cools as it rises and the water vapor condenses into drops of clouds. ”

Well, this is the explanation that the most skeptical want to hear, and thus be able to sleep better tonight. But there is also the possibility that space agencies are testing new advanced weapons, and these would include climate control or lasers fired from space. But no country is interested in recognizing that there are operational weapons above our heads.

What do you think about the images of NASA? UFO? Sonic waves? A natural phenomenon? It’s up to you.

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