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Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Due to its convenience, everybody has Wi-Fi at home. Besides that everybody is using it, there were some conclusions and safety concerns that the Wi-FI is causing some harm to us and our overall health, mostly to younger children. Therefore the Wi-Fi is having a negative effect on many things, from our sleeping quality to the health of our brain.

Potential Dangers of Wi-Fi

Contributes to the Development of Insomnia

The one thing that affects our sleep the most today is the Wi-Fi, and it has happened to anyone but very few knew what the problem is. Going to bed and not being able to sleep, or having an irregular sleeping pattern, is most likely to happen from the low-frequency modulations caused from Wi-Fi and smart phones. Therefore people who are constantly exposed to this electromagnetic radiation, are having a little bit of difficulty falling asleep. And everybody knows that if you are in lack of sleep, that may be bad for your overall health.

Neutralizes Sperm

A man’s virility can be also affected and threatening by the Wi-Fi, because exposing to the frequencies of the Wi-Fi can reduce the movement of the sperm and case fragmentation of the DNA. Also sometimes it can elevate the risk of abnormal pregnancy or impact the fertility.

Agitates Brain Function

Also our brain function and concentration are affected by the Wi-Fi frequencies, so our brain activity reduction is often a result from the excessive exposure to these wi-fi frequencies, which is why sometimes we are dealing with memory loss and having trouble to concentrate.

Damages Childhood Development

The Wi-Fi frequencies or radiation is affecting mostly the growing tissues like youth and children, and they are able to disrupt the normal development of cells. That is why the radiation or Wi-Fi frequencies are the worst for young children.

Increases the Risk of Cancer

Exposing yourself to these types of electromagnetic radiations will increase the risk of developing a tumor.

Causes Cardiac Stress

Some people when exposed to some electromagnetic frequencies are really feeling a physical response, such as increasing of their heart rate. So, it is clear that the W-Fi frequencies are elevating the risk of a cardiovascular disease.

How to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation?

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from the wi-fi waves or radiation:

  • Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket
  • Don’t place the wireless router in your bedroom and kitchen
  • Text more, talk less on your phone
  • When you are going to bed, leave your phone on the other side of your room, and when in a car put it on the other seat
  • Don’t keep the cell phone close to your belly if you are pregnant
  • The wireless baby monitors are operating on a microwave frequency, so don’t use them
  • Disconnect every device from the wi-fi before you go to bed

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