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Follow This One-Week Diet Plan to Lose 15 Lbs Naturally at Home

As you are reading this at this same moment, millions of people are trying to lose some extra weight, and they are looking for numerous ways and alternatives, how can they do it a lot faster, with some tips and tricks. But how many of them will find the right tricks is the real question. And that is why in this article today we will present you a short term and natural diet which will help you get rid of that extra weight and excess fat, and you will be amazed by the effects of the diet!

Diet Rules:

  • Never eat after 8 p.m.
  • Don’t ever skip breakfast.
  • Avoid soft drinks, processed foods, too much caffeine, and avoid sugar most of all.
  • Before you start the diet, try to measure your weight, because in the end you will need to see how much wight you’ve lost.

Health Benefits of This Diet

In the diet, there are many veggies and fruits included, and plenty of water. So it is clear why this diet will help you lose that extra weight very easily, but that is not the main benefit, it will also improve the bowel movements!

Day 1 — Fruits Only

This day you will only consume fruits and nothing else. For each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner you will have any fruit you like, but not the bananas. You can have oranges, apples, pineapples, papayas, etc.

Day 2 — Veggies Only

The second day, you will consume only vegetables instead of fruits. For every meal you will have every vegetable you like, for example you can eat cooked potatoes for breakfast, which will boost the process of breaking down the carbs during the day. Try having vegetables that are rich in fiber, such as broccoli and beans. You can add them in your salad and you soups, or you can eat them steamed.

Day 3 — Veggies & Fruits Only

This day you will make some powerful combos of the veggies and fruits together, make some mixtures from the first two days, but this day you should avoid the bananas and the potatoes as well.

Day 4 — Milk and Bananas

The fourth day of the diet, you are allowed to have only milk and bananas. And the maximum amount of milk is 3 glasses, and for the bananas you can only have 10 and nothing more.

Day 5 — The Feast Day

On this day you are allowed to eat meat, such as chicken fillets or some fish, you can also have tomatoes, and the maximum amount for them is 8. Drink a lot of water on this day from 12 to 15 glasses, the water will help you to relieve from the uric acid that is forming because of the consumption of the meat, because when you eat meat the uric acid is produced very intensively.

Day 6 — Meat and Veggies

The day before the diet ends, you will have some red meat that is well cooked, with some veggies of your choice that you can combine with the meat.

Day 7 — Rice and Veggies

For lunch you can eat some vegetables that you would like, and you can cook some red meat of course.

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