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10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

Everybody is familiar with the fact that running is one of the best exercises to stimulate your heart to pump more blood and burn a lot of fat. It is one of the best exercises that can keep you in shape and healthy at the same time. The only downside of this exercise is that it is a high-impact exercise, which means it is adding a lot of pressure to your thighs, knees and feet as well.

In this article we would like to give you 10 exercises, which are as effective as the running exercise if they are preformed correctly, they will also tone your muscles and help you burn huge amounts of fat.

1. Fat Tire Biking

This is an exercise which also requires a little more effort, but it is burning 1,500 calories every hour, but the benefit of it is that your knees are not exposed to too much pressure.

2. Burpees

14 calories can be burned if you do 10 burpees in a minute. This exercise is highly effective and can not only help you lose fat, but also boost your metabolism.

3. Kettlebell Swing

With this exercise you will be able to burn 10 calories in one minute. It will take you a few minutes to preform it, and it can be preformed by anyone who desires.

4. Bike Sprints

Beginners can use this exercise a lot, for example sprint with your bike faster for 60 seconds, and then go very slow for another 60 seconds, then again pedal faster for a minute.


5. Batting Ropes

Don’t miss this exercise, because it is one of the best ones you can do, also it is beneficial, it is perfect for the total oxygen consumption.

6. Cross — Fit Exercises

Many different exercises can be preformed as a cross-fit exercise, but you only need to pick three of them, and make sure you preform them regularly.

7. Indoor Rowing

With this exercise you will be able to tighten your muscles and tone them at the sae time, and the exercise will help you burn more than 375 calories in 30 minutes.

8. Jumping Rope

It is one of the most entertaining exercises, and it is vert effective. With the rope jumping you can burn about 12 calories in one minute.

9. Jump Squats

With this exercise you will change everything. It is very effective and can provide miraculous effects, also it burns more than 14 calories in less than 20 seconds.

10. Cross — Country Skiing

With this exercise you don’t need running, because it is more effective than the running exercise, after a week of preforming this exercise you will see the effects for yourself.

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