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What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

Most of our health is depending on our rest and sleep, because that is the only time that our body uses to repair itself, which means it is one of the most important periods of each day, because only then our body may do its functions properly. You should know that sleeping 7 to 9 hours is not the most important thing, but the quality of the sleep you get.

Sleeping positions have the ability to  affect our health, in both positive and negative way.

Which is why, knowing each sleeping position is a benefit for you, with that you will be able to treat some health issues, like high blood pressure, back pain, sinus problems, etc.

9 Health Issues that Could be Treated with Sleeping Positions:

Sinus Problems

To prevent the mucus from draining into the sinuses, try sleeping with two pillows, in order to keep your head elevated.

PMS Pain & Discomfort

In order to soothe PMS symptoms and prevent arching of your spine, put a pillow under your knees before you fall asleep.

Neck Pain

If you want to relieve from this type of pain, simply roll a towel and put it under your neck it will soothe the pain.

Digestion Problems

If you are dealing with digestive problems, then you should sleep on the left side, that way you will allow the gravity of our earth to support our digestion, because the location of our stomach is on the left side.

Shoulder Pain

You can easily relieve from shoulder pain by sleeping on the side that does not hurt you and putting a pillow between your knees, and one more on your chest. Or you can simply sleep on the side that doesn’t hurt you and bend your knees slightly.

Back Pain

If you are dealing with back pain, then you should roll a towel and put it under your neck, and then put a pillow under your knees, you will create a curve with your body that will relieve from back pain.


Often headaches can be triggered from a twisted neck while you were asleep, therefore you want to make sure that your head is surrounded with a lot of pillows to prevent it from turning on the sides and twisting your neck.


Sleep on the left side to treat heartburn, you will let the gravity support your digestion.


Sleep with your face down on your stomach, this will help you treat high blood pressure.

You can really soothe the discomfort of any type of pain, by sleeping in the right position, you will also treat many health issues and you will be surely amazed by the results!

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