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This Is Why You Should Put Irish Spring Soap In Your Garden!

Along with the spring, gardeners often worry about their plants and trees and the possible attacks of deer, pesky rabbits, and other herbivores.

However, the following pleasant-scented Irish Spring soap is the solution you are searching for!   It is an effective repellent for your garden!

The scent of this soap is a potent deterrent for mammals like rabbits and deer, as they loathe it. Moreover, the soap is rainproof, so it won’t turn to suds after the rain.

You surely have tried various commercial repellents so far, but they need to be applied after a heavy dew or rain and are pretty expensive. On the other hand, you will only need $13 for this pack of 12 bars of Irish Spring.

Here is how to use it:

You should cut the bars into small pieces, and drop them into drawstring pouches or cheesecloth. Draw the strings tightly to secure the pouch, and using a staple gun, staple the pouches to wooden stakes.

Then, just drive the stakes into the ground in 5 to 10-foot increments, around the garden’s perimeter, and make sure you put more stakes around the heavy-traffic areas. Plus, you can sprinkle several smaller chunks on the ground.

If you are not sure about the cause of the damage, inspect the leaves. If they are half-eaten or have serrated edges, they have been a victim of insects, as mammals devour the entire leaf or leave a clean cut.

In case you are dealing with insects, the Irish Spring soap won’t help you, but it is excellent repellents for deer and rabbits! Moreover, it leaves a pleasant aroma to the entire area!

The following video will provide additional information about the repelling properties of the Irish Spring soap:

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