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An enormous floating object appears on the Great Lakes, UFO, ghost ship or something else?

The largest group of freshwater lakes in the world, the Great Lakes are definitely fascinating: they formed 14,000 years ago from the retreat of ice sheets, contain 84 percent of the surface freshwater of North America and are really important from the geological, hydrological, ecological and historical point of view.(object appears on the Great Lakes)

However, apart from scientific considerations, the Great Lakes are also the center of some legends, many of which remain unexplained. In addition, it is considered the “Triangle of Bermuda” of the North of the United States. In this enigmatic place there have been disappearances of ships, people and planes since 1891, when a schooner named Thomas Hume and his crew vanished. But the most recent mystery occurred on the night of June 23, 1950, when Flight 2501 of Northwest Orient Airlines vanished without a trace with the 55 passengers and three crew members on Lake Michigan. But now a video could show that in the Great Lakes there is much more than just water.(object appears on the Great Lakes)

Without explanation

A father and son were driving near Toledo, Ohio, along the shore of Lake Erie, last Christmas, when they saw a huge object floating above the surface . They stopped and the father decided to record it on video. At first it looks like a cloud, but if you look more closely you can see how the object is symmetrical, showing a shape similar to a classic “flying saucer” or a cigar type UFO. The color is the same throughout the object and its edges look pretty well defined.(object appears on the Great Lakes)

But another detail to take into account is that it is reflected in the surface of the lake. The UFO is floating well above the surface , about 6 meters, and there seems to be a glitter or some kind of alteration in the water or in the lower ice. The surprising video has been posted on YouTube by the Thirdphaseofmoon channel, which states that it is evidence that it is an osni, unidentified underwater object. As we have said in MEP, the Osnis share common elements with UFOs, although these usually appear in the water or in and out.

Occasionally, sightings of submerged objects have been attributed to existing oceanic phenomena, such as the Bermuda Triangle, which could demonstrate the existence of extraterrestrial bases in the depths of the oceans or lakes. It is well known that the Osnis go through the water without creating alterations. In addition, objects are sometimes sighted on top of a waterspout. And how could it be otherwise, there are many who have wanted to give their opinion on the mysterious object in the video. The most skeptical say that it may be a submarine, but it is clear that whatever it is on the water. This has led some to suggest supernatural theories.

As we have previously told, the Great Lakes have a history of UFO sightings and unexplained phenomena. Also, no body of water has had as many shipwrecks as the Great Lakes. Then, the mysterious object could perhaps be a true ghost ship.(object appears on the Great Lakes)

object appears on the Great Lakes floating object on large lakes - A huge floating object appears on the Great Lakes, UFO, ghost ship or something else?

One of the sightings of ghost ships in the Great Lakes is the Le Griffon, which disappeared on Lake Michigan in 1679. It is said to have been cursed, and since then it has been seen chasing and colliding with other boats near the port of Michigan, just to disappear before the impact. Its shipwreck remains a mystery. Another ghost ship is the Bannockburn, a Canadian freighter that disappeared in 1902 on Lake Superior. He still sails the lake, usually between Port Arthur, Michigan and Soo Locks, between Lake Superior and Huron. Other ghostly fleet ships include WH Gilcher (Lake Michigan), Western Reserve (Lake Superior), Erie Board of Trade (Lake Huron) and The Hudson (Lake Michigan).

So, is it clear evidence of the existence of ufo in the Great Lakes? Is there an undersea extraterrestrial base? Maybe a ghost ship? It’s up to you.

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