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A woman records an amazing UFO on a lake in Australia

The encounters with the impossible are real and transcend all borders. UFO sightings are constantly appearing all over the world, even in countries as far away as Australia.(UFO on a lake in Australia)

And if we speak of this sovereign country of Oceania, it could be said that the biggest incident in the history of Australian UFOs is the encounter with UFOs that occurred on April 6, 1966, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. More than 200 students and teachers observed a UFO over two different schools (Westall Secondary College and Westall Primary School) for approximately 20 minutes, before landing in a nearby meadow and finally flying again. Witnesses described the strange object similar to a silver disc with a purple hue, about the size of two large vehicles.

One of the explanations is that it was a weather balloon, but, more than 50 years later, there is still no explanation for what hundreds of people saw. But now the UFOs have returned to Australia. A woman has shared images of an amazing UFO over an idyllic place.(UFO on a lake in Australia)

The UFO over Lake Barrine

Jacqueline Raistrick, of Cairns, was working on a vacation home when she and her partner observed a strange dark object flying over Lake Barrine, in the far north of Queensland, last week. A video recorded with his smartphone shows a dark figure in the shape of a curved line that floats between what seems to be the smoke of a small fire at sunset.

“What the fuck is that?” Says Jacqueline in the video.

“I have no idea, Mama, but that seems like a flying saucer, his son replies. “It’s getting longer … look at it!”

In the images you can clearly see the object floating and motionless over the same area for most of the video before disappearing completely. The origin of the smoke is unknown, but everything seems to indicate that it could be arson for the burning of herbs. Raistrick was convinced that it was a UFO sighting of or some other strange phenomenon and continued to record the object.(UFO on a lake in Australia)

“Usually, when I record something on my smartphone, the video usually disappears, so I’ll make sure it stays on my phone,” Raistrick told the Daily Mail Australia.

The woman was so excited by what she saw, that she even dared to speculate. Ensures that it could be some kind of portal, used by UFOs to be teleported into space.

“It looked like a ship, but obviously it had some kind of different techniques that we have not seen or some kind of phenomenon that is a portal or an entry object that allows the smaller ships to merge and be transported elsewhere,” he continued. explaining Raistrick.

After recording the meeting, Raistrick decided to share the images of the mysterious object through Facebook, but not everyone was convinced that it was a UFO. The skeptics claimed that it was rather condensed heavy particles, making it look like a UFO. They also noted that it is still strange that women know so much information about UFOs, ruling out that it is a chance meeting.(UFO on a lake in Australia)

UFO on a lake in Australia - A woman records an amazing UFO on a lake in Australia

Whether it is a natural phenomenon or a real UFO, this sighting demonstrates that it does not only take place in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. The truth is that they are everywhere and can appear when you least expect it.

What do you think of this UFO sighting? Is it of extraterrestrial origin? A natural phenomenon? Or do you have another explanation?

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