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Crowd Goes Silent As Actor Kurt Russell Shares His UFO Experience From Phoenix In 1997

Everybody always says, “if they’re here then why don’t they just show up.” “They” is referring to extraterrestrials of course, and there are probably a million reasons as to why a more intelligent race from the “outside” looking in would not want to interact with us on such an open level just yet. To an outsider, we might not look the most attractive. The planet is plagued with war, poverty, diseases, greed, and secrecy. Environmentally it’s a disaster, and despite the fact that our potential is literally limitless, we choose to live in a way that is not really harmonious with the planet and all life on it. These are just a few of many reasons. Not to mention the fact that full blown contact might be a little more than our minds can handle, but perhaps not?

All of the theories surrounding the “alien takeover” agenda fail to account for the evidence that points to the fact that they’re already here, and that they’ve been visiting us for a very very long period of time.

That being said, sightings of unidentified objects, even ones performing physics-defying maneuvers have been documented by military authorities via visual and radar confirmation for decades, but whether or not these craft are ‘ET’ is an entirely different question. We do have, however, statements from hundreds of credible witnesses alluding to the fact that yes, some of them are indeed extraterrestrial in origin.

Was this the case with what happened in Phoenix Arizona in March of 1997? On this day, something extraordinary happened that, as Kurt mentions in the video below, was witnessed by 20,000 people, recorded by multiple cameras, which was then in-turn witnessed by millions.

Kurt Russell, a well known American actor is also a pilot, and on that day he was flying into the city and witnessed this phenomenon first hand. Listen to him share his story in the interview below.

“We’re on approach and I saw 6 lights over the airport in absolute uniform, in a V shape…It’s unidentified, it is flying and it’s 6 objects….That was the most viewed UFO event, over 20,000 people saw that.”

What Actually Happened? 

It began with Luke Air Force Base, the media, the National UFO Reporting Center, the Governor’s office, and the police receiving a number of reports from people in Nevada of a very large craft hovering in the sky. Some people were reporting it as a boomerang formation of lights, just as Kurt describes in the video above.

The object (or objects) began moving south towards Arizona where even more people would see it. Again, people were not reporting just lights hovering in the sky, they were reporting an actual solid object, a craft of some sort, spanning the size of one or two football fields. The witness reports detail lights, sometimes multiple lights, in a pattern that ranged from a few all the way up to a dozen, all in some sort of organized formation. Witnesses reported them as white, and in some cases they were orange, red, or yellow. Reports indicate that at some point, the lights moved at very rapid speeds, while at others, they moved slowly and were also reported to hover. Some people described it as a huge, wedge-shaped craft with five lights on it. Some people claim that it passed directly over their heads and even hovered there for extended periods of time. People reported seeing, again, a large solid object, even going into detail about certain features they could spot on the craft.

“It was a giant V, and the right side of the V went over us, the left side was a couple blocks over.”        – One (out of thousands) of the witnesses (source)

Again, this object has been described as massive, the size of one to two football fields.

There were a number of these types of descriptions from people who witnessed the object.

These types of reports came in at a time where it was much easier to make out the object or objects that were in the sky, as there was still some daylight. It was not until later that evening at approximately 10 pm when people in Arizona witnessed something truly spectacular. As UFO researcher Richard Dolan describes it:

“People in Phoenix were treated to an amazing display of hovering lights over the city. These lights appeared to be motionless and in perfect formation. They were truly an astounding sight to behold: an enormous semi-circular string of lights in the night sky.” (source)

The event received massive amounts of media attention.

Fife Symington, the Governor of Arizona at the time, even held a press conference that featured a large and costumed alien mocking all of the UFO enthusiasts, but it seemed goodhearted in nature and, according to him, was done to lighten the mood.

What is interesting to note, however, is that Fife was keeping something to himself – he actually witnessed the event, and the former Air Force veteran spoke out years after the event (when his stint as governor ended) saying:

“If you had been here 10 years ago, standing out here and looking out there at the lights, you would have been astounded, you would have been amazed. I suspect that unless the Department of Defense can prove otherwise, then it was probably some form of alien spacecraft. It was enormous and it just felt otherworldly, in your gut you could just tell it was otherworldly.” (source)

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  • I’m from Phoenix and in 1998 aliens came to my house in a spaceship parked their spaceship outside my bedroom window got out walked right through the walls of my bedroom paralyzed me laying on my back Trump three aliens in my room 1 over my head one on my side and one behind the one on my side the one on my side prettiest hand over my chest and I got the butterflies in my stomach turn gun they turned around all lit up with a bright light to all of them I walked right out of my window right up into their space ship with the light and flew away silently all three of the aliens we’re about 4 feet tall bald heads big black eyes little nose little mouth no ears they weren’t wearing any clothes they didn’t talk but they had this energy that flowed through them like nothing on Earth and I couldn’t yell loud enough for anyone to hear me I couldn’t move all I could do is try to speak to them but it was like my tongue was disabled only my eyes could see them when I tried saying I cast you out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over and over and over again that’s when they turn and went to the spaceship and left and they came right through the walls in the window what it was like hallucinating all right lyrics and fell very real I like 2:30 in the morning and my mom’s house on the neighborhood street where is always quiet and no one’s ever outside at that time of the night


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