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[Video] Reptilians & Nordics Are Hijacking Mankind with Antarctica Secret Bases – Naval Officer Said

Since our beginnings, Antarctica is considered one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

A naval officer told us he remembered very well how he saw an ice opening in Antarctica. This ice aperture was located in an area where airplane flights were forbidden.

This officer said he helped bring back a group of scientists who had fallen through Antarctica for 2 weeks. The scientists seemed terrified, but they did not want to tell anything. Also, the officer was ordered not to talk about this incident.

Many unexplained phenomena have been observed over time in Antarctica. It should be known that Antarctica is the most guarded place in the world.

It looks like a lot of interesting things are hiding under Antarctica. Many civilizations have lived in this region throughout history. Many people believe that in Antarctica there are a lot of alien artifacts or even alien underground bases.

The main reason why Antarctica is so mysterious is that the location is an isolated one. You can not simply go to Antarctica as you visit other countries.

We have known this continent only for the past 100 years, but there are Antarctic maps that are very old and which show Antarctica without ice.

These maps are 500 years old. How did these people know what the continent looks like under ice?

Below you can watch a very interesting video about the revelations of a naval officer about Antarctica.

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