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A rare and previously unseen photograph of a UFO shaped like a football has one expert convinced that it is the real deal. The photograph was captured by Alexei Fomin and Alexander Petrov, two Russian cadets in 1989.

Expert Is Convinced Never before Seen Photograph of UFO with Alien with Three Eyes on-board is real

Jason Gleaves has used the very latest in computer software on the photograph was taken by the Russian cadets and he said that he believes it is real and has not been doctored in any way.

Russian Cadets Captured Photo Weeks After School Children Saw UFO

The pair of Russian cadets took the photograph in the city of Voronezh in the former Soviet Union, claiming that it was a UFO flying over the city. They said that they had seen a greyish white UFO hovering over the city 5 pm and it had a pink halo around it. It was seen just weeks after school children said that they had seen three aliens climbing out of a shining large ball.

The children, Yuliya Shilokhova, Vasya Surin and Zhenya Blinov were all playing in a park and claimed to have seen an alien that stood about 10 feet tall and had three eyes. They said that the alien had silver overalls on and it had emerged from a ball that was a deep red in color. The children said that the alien had been standing at the side of other humanoids and that it was holding an object that looked like a gun.

A Ufologist from Britain, Phillip Mantle, studied the photograph that the two Russian cadets had taken and then got a second opinion from experts in the US, the Ground Saucer Watch. The experts in the United States came to the conclusion that it was an object that was unknown; however, they did not say whether or not they thought that the photograph had been edited.

Editing of Photograph Ruled Out By Expert

Phillip still wanted answers and he sent the UFO photograph to Jason Gleaves. He studied the photograph with computer software and ruled out any editing of the photograph. However, he was unable to identify the origin of the photograph. He said that when he had completed an analysis of the photo the object seemed to be spherical and it had a shape that was consistent with the characteristics of sphere light highlights in relation to reflection from the sun.

He went on to say that the outer surface of the sphere shaped object had a twin belt structure that was dark and which was indefinable and which he said seemed to go around the circumference body. However, he said that without seeing any more photographic evidence it was inconclusive.

Gleaves said that the detail of the object was of constant similarity to the buildings that could be seen underneath the object and this led him to believe that the UFO was indeed present at the time and not something that had been added in later. He concluded by saying that he thought it was a real object in the sky and not something added to the photograph, however, without any more detail it was inconclusive along with being unidentified in origin.

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