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‘I can confirm I’m not mad’ – Bristol man claims to have captured pictures of a UFO above his garden

“It was not a balloon, and was definitely not just light refraction through my lens.”

Source: Bristol Live

We’ve all been there – one moment you’re enjoying a spot of late sun in your back garden, and the next you’re watching an Unidentified Flying Object make its way over the city.

At least, that’s what one man – identified only as Eliot – purports to have seen on Thursday evening (April 25), whilst standing in his garden in St George.

He got in touch with Bristol Live on Friday in order to share the pictures of what appears to be a suspicious green glow floating through the clouds and across the clear blue sky.

What appears to be a green glow above clouds

“There were three of us in the garden, so I can confirm I’m not mad,” Elliot said, regarding his sighting of what he believes to be mysterious visitors from another planet.

Unfortunately our extraterrestrial correspondent hasn’t been available to comment on the likelihood of this being a genuine encounter of the third kind – but here’s what Elliot had to say about his unusual sighting.

What Elliot has described as a ‘UFO’, glowing through the clouds

He said: “We watched an object in the distance moving in strange directions at hight speed, occasionally gleaming with light. It seemed strange, but we didn’t make anything more of it.

“A few minutes later I got my phone out to capture a strange ray of light piercing through the cloud. I wasn’t aware until afterwards that the object had some how made it’s way back around (probably a mile or so from where we first saw it) and then featured in the photos that I took.

Elliot claims to have seen the mysterious object on Thursday evening

“I did not realise I’d documented it until after. It was flying very low, moved silently and in an unusual fashion. It was not a balloon, and was definitely not just light refraction through my lens.”

It’s far from the first time Bristol residents have reported coming into contact with something from another galaxy altogether – from an ‘unusual saucer shaped object’ to ‘a disk object which descended above the houses’ it seems as though Elliot is not alone.

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