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Luis Elizondo used to run the top-secret superior aerospace threat Identification program (AATIP), which investigated alien craft.

This groundbreaking programme, which had a finances of £16.5million allotted to it annually by the department of Defence, became run from the fifth ground of pentagon’s c ring in Washington DC.

Former Nevada democrat senator Harry Reid pushed for its introduction in 2007, with analysis carried out with the aid of Bigelow aerospace of Nevada.

Bowled over us army pilots discovered a “entire fleet” of Ufos that had been “going in opposition to” a 120 knots wind – in one AATIP case from 2015.

Advanced sensors found out the unknown item had no propulsion device and slowed to a near prevent earlier than rotating, it’s far claimed.

Now Elizondo has lifted the lid on what he claims has been discovered through the pentagon application about the apparently out-of-this-world abilities of UFOs.

he said: “I suppose we’ve come very near know-how the physics of ways it really works, and that is very interesting.

“For the first time, we’ve a compelling photo that what we are seeing is explained in our cutting-edge know-how of physics, superior physics, and quantum mechanics.”

US Defence branch renowned unidentified flying object rotating in opposition to wind


Incredible footage emerged ultimate yr of a sighting regarding the battleship U.S. in 2004 in the pacific off the San Diego coast.

Us army pilots, commander David Fravor and lieutenant commander Jim Slaight, watched in amazement as an item seemed unexpectedly at 80,000 feet before hurtling toward the sea and preventing at 20,000 feet.

Once they approached for a more in-depth appearance, the 40ft. lengthy object “expanded like nothing i’ve ever visible”, said Cdr Fravor.

And now Elizondo believes that they will have an reason for how Ufos obtain such intense speeds.

“We do consider a majority of these observables we’ve got been seeing, unexpected and severe acceleration, hypersonic velocities, low observability, trans medium tour, and remaining however now not least, high-quality lift, anti-gravity – is truly the manifestation of a unmarried era,”Elizondo said.

“So it’s no longer 5 wonderful technologies we’re trying to discern out, it’s one. And we think we recognize that one too.”

Scientists employed by means of Bigelow aerospace which includes a physicist named Dr. Hal Puthoff got here to the realization that the craft can effectively create their very own time-area bubble, which lets in them to fly at such great speeds.

“We consider it has to do with a excessive quantity of power and the capability to warp area-time, now not through loads, but via a touch,” said Elizondo.

While the us authorities stated AATIP changed into closed in 2012, Elizondo claimed he labored on the rather-sensitive project till October last year till he resigned over “immoderate secrecy and internal opposition”.

He believes the life of extraterrestrials might be “beyond reasonable doubt” if it turned into ever mentioned in court.

Dr Michio Kaku – america’s solution to Stephen hawking – said the weird object us military employees suggested seeing pursuing some of their warplanes can be a brand new form of wonderful-speedy aircraft.

The gap boffin said: “are Ufos chasing our jet combatants, as recent mystery files suggest?

“Perhaps they are experimental Hypersonic drones. Or perhaps aliens from outer area? I hold an open thoughts.”


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