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Evangelical Preacher Goes Berserk On ‘Disgusting’ Trump Bible In Stunning Viral Rant


Evangelical Pastor Loran Livingston went viral with a stunning rant in which he absolutely demolished former President Donald Trump’s “disgusting” $60 MAGA Bible.

In March, Trump stunned the heavens and the Earth — and at least two of the Corinthians — with a video announcing the sale of a Trump-endorsed Bible bundled with founding documents and a lyrics sheet for the MAGA anthem he uses to introduce his rallies, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”

The move was widely mocked by the media, by liberals, and by President Joe Biden . But the MAGA Bible also didn’t sit well with Livingston, who absolutely torched the product in his sermons at the Central Church of North Carolina in Charlotte.

In a fire-and-brimstone rant that went viral on TikTok and Twitter/X , Livingston called the Trump Bible “disgusting” and a “cheap ploy,” among other things:

When you don’t read and pray. You, you say, “Wow, there’s a Bible out now that includes the Constitution and the Bill of rights! Isn’t that wonderful?”.

No, no. It’s disgusting! It’s blasphemous! It’s a ploy! Are you kidding me? Some of you are so encouraged by that. Let me tell you something. The gospel is not an American gospel! It is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

“But, pastor, I bought the Bible!”.

Really? You’re telling me? That you’re encouraged because someone took a government US Constitution, a document. That says. We are of the people, by the people and for the people, the people, the people, the people!

And you have put it right beside the Word of God, which is eternal, unchanging, which says of him, by him, through him, to him, from him are all things. And you’re going to put those together and be happy about it? God forbid!

Now you can get mad if you want to, but I’m going to tell you something. If you glory in that kind of thing, you don’t have a prayer life.

If you glory in that kind of mess. Political mess. You do not know what the Word of God says.

But before you dismiss Livingston as a stealth liberal or fit him for a resistance uniform, a longer version reveals that seconds before he went apeshit on Trump’s Bible, the pastor raged against “the whole LGBTQ thing” and called abortion “premeditated murder”:

So if you don’t read the Bible and if you don’t have a prayer life, you’ll be confused about everything.

People who don’t read the Bible, who don’t pray, who call themselves Christians, get confused about the whole LGBTQ thing. Because instead of looking at what the word says, they look– look at how people feel and how they feel and what’s doing to people.

People who don’t read the Bible and pray and call themselves Christians will be confused about abortion. Is it a woman’s right? On and on. It is murder! Yes. It’s the premeditated termination of innocent human life! That’s called murder

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