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“When you see her with her grandchildren, you might wonder: Who is the child here? Goldie Hawn makes faces, plays with hand puppets, throws herself on the floor, and dresses up as a princess. So wonderfully crazy and youthful that no one would think that this grandmother just turned 78.

Goldie Hawn loves life. With a private collection of the funniest photos, daughter Kate Hudson, 44, recently wished her a happy birthday. A loving congratulation that shows how closely the family is connected and at the same time documents: Life becomes so much more colorful with Goldie. Full of energy, she accompanies her seven grandchildren in their everyday lives, takes them on the red carpet, or on vacation. Goldie is the most beautiful and inspiring mother one can imagine, raves daughter Kate Hudson.

The love also keeps her young. Not only the grandchildren contribute to the feeling of youth for the Hollywood star. For 40 years, life partner Kurt Russell, 72, has been the man by her side. Goldie once told GALA: “Every relationship has ups and downs, including mine. But I’ve never wanted to trade Kurt for another man, and believe me, I’ve met many men in my life.” That’s why, after two failed marriages, she never wanted to marry him.

Part of Goldie’s happiness principle is also keeping physically fit: with yoga, morning trampoline jumps, and wild dance moves in the kitchen while doing the dishes. Her grandchildren love it when “Gogo,” as they call Goldie, dances with them. But also when she tells them a lot about life. “I pass on to them what my father taught me,” Goldie Hawn says. “You have to work for a living. And: be compassionate and always stay realistic.” A super grandma!”

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