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Rose Hanbury Just Broke Her Silence on the Prince William Affair Rumors

It seems that this time, Rose Hanbury isn’t messing around. For years now, people have been convinced that something has been going on between Hanbury and Prince William. And with Kate Middleton not performing royal duties or making public appearances, the rumors have increased tenfold. With the rumors hitting mainstream media , like during one of Stephen Colbert’s jokes on his show, it seems Hanbury is officially tired of this conspiracy.

In details obtained by Business Insider , they took a deep dive into the rumor mill and reached out to all parties involved. Now, over the years, none of the parties affected have made a public statement, only insiders have given details, and legal action was made on William’s end. However, when Business Insider reached out to Hanbury and Kensington Palace, they got word back from Hanbury’s team.

While Kensington Palace “declined to comment,” Hanbury said through her lawyers that “the rumors are completely false.”

This is the first time Hanbury has publicly commented on these rumors.
Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Rose Cholmondeley, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images.

So, for those who don’t know this whole situation as well as others, we’re going to break down everything.

Hanbury and Kate were friends for years, and in 2019, the Sun published a piece saying the two had a falling out (which, according to Richard Kay, nearly left both getting legal action in response). Then, writers Giles Coren and Nicole Cliffe both claimed they knew about the alleged affair between William and Hanbury in 2019, per IBTimes . Rumors swirled that the affair was going on since 2017.

As previously mentioned, William’s lawyers reportedly issued a legal warning, but until now, Hanbury never responded to the rumors.

Keep in mind: there has been no physical or tangible proof of an affair besides deleted tweets and hearsay.

While Kate and Hanbury allegedly reconnected after Charles III’s Coronation, the rumors have been reignited since Kate’s prolonged absence. But now, Hanbury reps have broken her silence for her.

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