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Donald Trump Dementia Evidence ‘Overwhelming,’ Psychiatrist Claims: Ex-Prez Repeatedly ‘Shows Confusion About Reality’

As Donald Trump continues to get mixed up in his speeches, a top psychiatrist said there’s “overwhelming” evidence the ex-president is suffering from dementia.

“Unlike normal aging, which is characterized by forgetting names or words, Trump repeatedly shows something very different: confusion about reality,” Dr. Lance Dodes , a supervising analyst emeritus of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and retired Harvard Medical School professor, said in a statement, referring to Trump confusing Barack Obama with Joe Biden .
Donald Trump is known for mixing up names during his speeches. mega

“If he were to become president he would have to be immediately removed from office via the 25th Amendment as dangerously unable to fulfill the responsibilities of office,” Dodes added.

New York psychologist Suzanne Lachmann also added that Trump “seemingly forget how the sentence began and invent something in the middle” resulting in “an incomprehensible word salad ” — something she “frequently [sees] in patients who have dementia.”
Donald Trump claims he’s all there mentally. mega

This is hardly the first time Trump’s mental fitness has been called into question.

At a rally in mid-March, the businessman admitted it was tough for him to read off the screen while projecting to the crowd.

“I can’t read this d— teleprompter. It’s like reading a moving flag and then they’ll say Trump’s a bad guy, but I’ll say this, Don’t pay the teleprompter company ,” Trump said in the clip , which circulated on X, formerly known as Twitter.
A top psychiatrist claims Donald Trump has dementia. mega

Many people have weighed in on Trump’s recent mistakes — from calling Vladimir Putin “Poten” to mixing up Obama and Biden.

According to Alyssa Farah Griffin , who used to work with Donald, she doesn’t recognize Trump anymore .

“He is not as sharp as he was in 2016 and not even as sharp as he was in 2020,” Griffin said about her former boss while talking to CNN anchor John Berman . “For some reason, that doesn’t necessarily come across to voters the same way, but Donald Trump is not the strongest fighter that Republicans could have right now, and it’s remarkable how much voters don’t see the age as also an issue because he is only three and a half years younger than President Joe Biden, but there is something about the way they carry themselves that is just seen very differently.”
Donald Trump is running for president again. mega

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Despite the potential diagnosis, Trump declared he’s all there mentally .

“I think I’m a lot sharper than her,” Trump said, referring to Nikki Haley . “I would do this: I would sit down right now and take an aptitude test, and it would be my result against her result. And she’s not gonna win. Not going to even come close to winning.”

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