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Prince William ‘Beside Himself’ Over Kate Middleton’s Decision to Step Away From Royal Duties: Report

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is reportedly considering stepping away from her royal duties, according to a bombshell new report.

Kate’s rumored decision has reportedly rocked her marriage to king-in-waiting Prince William and the monarchy, the report claimed.
A bombshell report alleged Kate is considering stepping away from her royal duties. MEGA

While Kate reportedly hasn’t officially decided, the 42-year-old keeps pushing back the date when she’ll return to public life.

“Kate’s desperate struggle with the constant pressures of life in the royal fishbowl has taken a terrible toll on her physical and mental health,” a senior palace source told the National Enquirer .
Prince William is said to be ‘beside himself’ over his wife’s rumored decision. MEGA

“She spent weeks staying out of the public eye after her operations — and it’s only strengthened her resolve to quit,” the source added.

The future queen of England has only been spotted twice since entering the posh London Clinic, reportedly known for cutting-edge cancer treatments.

She was seen on March 4 sitting in the passenger seat of an SUV while her mother, Carole , was behind the wheel.
Royal sources said Kate made ‘minor adjustments’ to the photo. MEGA

As reported, this week, Kate was spotted leaving Windsor Castle with the Prince of Wales after apologizing for releasing a poorly edited image of her and the couple’s three children amid conspiracy theories regarding her whereabouts.

Kate’s first official engagement was reportedly slated for the June 15 Trooping the Colour ceremony — nearly five months after her surgeries — but that was canceled with no word on when she’ll return to work.
Sources claimed William is worried Kate is ’emotionally unstable.’ MEGA

“William is beside himself over her decision,” the source told the outlet. “He’s stunned his wife could ever consider such a move.”

“He made sure she knew what she was getting into when she married him and she’s done a brilliant job,” the source continued. “He’s concerned she’s become emotionally unstable, but she insists she’s finally seeing clearly!”

The Princess of Wales’ exit from royal duties comes after years of scrutiny and scandal, insiders claimed to the National Enquirer.

“Kate’s disillusioned and frustrated by the ongoing drama surrounding her renegade brother-in-law, Prince Harry , and his wife, Meghan,” another well-placed palace source spilled, per the report. “But ironically, they’ve shown her there’s an alternative to being trapped in The Firm.”

“She knew when she married William her life would change forever, but never in her wildest dreams thought it would be this intense !”

“Kate had a hard time when she first joined the family but after a few years assumed she’d gotten through the worst of it,” the source continued before noting past drama with Harry, Meghan and U.K. tabloids.

“Kate’s been painted the villain, a racist who questioned the skin color of Meghan’s son, Archie, before he was born, who made Meghan cry before her wedding and who went out of her way not to be friendly,” the insider said.

“Those stories will never go away, which is one of the reasons Kate wants to retreat .”

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