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Incoherent Trump Makes Another Gaffe While Explaining The Previous Mix-Ups

During a South Carolina rally, former President Trump gave a speech defending his constant mix-ups, claiming he was being “sarcastic.” Still, he made another mistake, so people are not convinced.

The speech included another gaffe

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Trump, the GOP’s likely nominee for the presidential race in 2024, told his supporters, “But when I say that Obama is the president of our country bah bah bah, they go, ‘He doesn’t know that Spiden (sic), he doesn’t know.’ So it’s very hard to be sarcastic.”

“Both stink”

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Trump continued, “When I interpose — cause I’m not a Nikki fan, and I’m not a Pelosi fan. And when I purposely interpose names, they said, ‘He didn’t know Pelosi from Nikki. From Tricky Nikki. Tricky Nikki. He didn’t know.’ I interposed. And they make a big deal out of it. I said, “No, no, I think they’re both they both stink. They have something in common. They both stink.”

The definition of interpose

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It is unclear what the former president meant by “interpose” because the Cambridge Dictionary says, “to put yourself or something between two things, people, or groups, especially in order to stop them doing something.” Merriam-Webster writes, “The meaning of INTERPOSE is to place in an intervening position.”

Haley won’t be Vice President

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The former president added, “Remember this: when I make a statement like that about Nikki, that means she will never be running for Vice President. She will never be running (unintelligible) Vice President.” MeidasTouch Network provided the full quote and shared it on X, where it went viral.

“Electrocution every single time”


The New Republic reminded me of some lesser-known Trump statements from 2023. One included Trump’s discussion on violent deaths when he said in Iowa, “I will take electrocution every single time,” Trump stated and asked, Do we agree? I will take electrocution.”

There is a video

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Ron Filipkowski shared on X the video of this speech and added the caption, “Slurring his words, Trump starts riffing about how he would rather be electrocuted to death than be eaten by a shark.”

Trump on gold and corn

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During a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Trump talked about “non-liquid gold,” and Acyn shared the video on X on January 18, 2024. The caption read, “We have more liquid gold, oil and gas. More liquid gold. Well, I just met non-liquid gold. You know where it was? Iowa. It’s called corn. They have. It’s non-liquid.”

People are not amused

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One Reddit poster wrote, ” I don’t think Trump ‘jokes.’ He may punch down at someone with an insult, but I have never seen or heard him display any sense of humor.” Another wondered, “Didn’t he try to claim the bleach injection thing was a joke.”

In a nutshell

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This Reddit user wrote, “The Republican front-runner made another gaffe as he tried to explain away all his other ones.” Another pointed out, “Just to be clear, this is slurred speech, as in more unintelligible than his usual word salad. Not to be confused with his usual speech containing hateful slurs.”



One person stated, “Old man trying to make excuses for his dementia.” Someone responded, “I figured reports of him slurring would be exaggerated, but nope. If anything, they’re downplaying it.” Trump’s South Carolina speech came right after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report described President Biden as a “well-meaning elderly” and attacked his memory.

 “Falling apart”

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This Reddit poster shared, “I was talking with my uncle about it around a month or so ago. Biden may be extremely old and fumbles over himself a lot, but I can still make sense of what he’s saying and see him being around for another year or two. Trump is falling apart in front of us. I’m not entirely convinced he’s gonna be around this time next year.”v

More accusations

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Someone wrote, “His brain is melting in front of our faces. It sure is something to behold.” This Reddit poster commented, “The stable genius doesn’t even know how to use the correct verb in his rambling attempts to explain away his missteps. It should have been ‘transpose,’ not interpose.”

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