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Royal Watchers Believe Kate Middleton Has Had a Hysterectomy

Did Princess Kate Middleton have a hysterectomy?Photo byIMBd screenshot

Speculation grows about Kate Middleton’s surgery

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has not been seen in public since Christmas Day (Per People). She had stomach surgery in January but no details were given.

Some of her followers have been speculating about the nature of the surgery suggesting cancer like King Charles III. Others are suggesting that she may have had a hysterectomy (Per Soap Spoiler).

Did Princess Kate have a hysterectomy?

The palace has probably given all the details they are willing to share with the public but this does not stop inquiring minds from wanting to know. Royal Watchers have noticed that Kat3e has not shown her face at all which is why there is concern.

Add to this King Charles III receiving cancer treatment and Prince Harry flying to England and leaving 24 hours later and the public is full of questions. Marca shared that journalist Concha Calleeja claims a source said the Duchess was -placed in a coma and also mentioned the hysterectomy rumor. Nothing is known for certain at this point but be on the lookout for Royal News updates.

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