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Three Mysterious Ancient Pyramids Investigated By US Marines In Antarctica

Three pyramids were discovered in Antarctica in 2012 by a consortium of European and American experts. The scientists planned to approach and enter the pyramids to discover if they were natural or man-made structures, but the base had lost communication with them.

This is why a party of marines has been deployed to investigate immediately away, and a video of the trip has been released.

What mysteries, if any, are hidden inside these pyramids?

Not so long ago, according to the Piri Reis map, Antarctica was a green continent. Is it feasible that some of our forefathers who constructed the Pyramids are still alive?

Despite the fact that the Piri Reis map has been verified by a number of experts, orthodox archaeologists ignore it. What is the reason behind this? Is it because this map has the potential to change Earth’s recognized history and geology?

On the same page as the Piri Reis map and the Antarctica pyramids is the mysterious Sphinx, which some historians and Egyptologists say is at least 10.000 years older than Egypt’s pyramids.

Some unconventional scientists believe that climate change is occurring much faster than we think and that this explains the Piri Reis map, as well as the water erosion of the Sphinx and other ancient monuments around the world, and the fact that this water erosion occurred only a few thousand years ago, rather than millions of years ago.

Legend has it that Atlantis, the lost city of Atlantis, is ensconced atop the ice in Antarctica, rather than under it. Please have a look at the video below and let us know what you think. Why do you believe the US is keeping this information hidden?


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