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Bodies of Mysterious Mythical Beings Were Discovered In a Basement in England

In 2006, a crew of employees found hundreds of wooden crates hidden in the basement of a house. They were leveling it in preparation for a new real-estate project.

The men rubbed their hands with joy, thinking they had discovered a hidden treasure. But when they opened the craters, the mummies of a variety unusual animals were found. Many of them resembled the fairy and dwarf mythologies of British mythology.

The home belonged to Thomas Theodor Merrylin. Merrylin was a cryptonaturalist, biologist and Xenoarcheologist who was born in 1782, Hellingshire, North England.

He is also known for his unusual collection of creatures. His longevity is what makes him unique, as he has lived for over 160 years. Eyewitnesses claimed that Theodor was 80 years old and dressed like a 40 year-old. This attracted more attention to his unique collection of animals than his age.

The Merrylin Cryptid Collection was his name for the collection of odd creatures. Theodor made frequent trips to the United States during his lifetime in order to share his collection with a larger audience.

Because of the world’s limited perspective, his collection of rare creatures intrigued people at first. However, he was later called a charlatan and subsequently declassified by naturalists and cryptozoologists.

During his time in the United States he made several friends among top biologists and mathematicians. He found his unique collection of species fascinating as well as his scientific thoughts on time travel, Physics, and Chemistry fascinating.

He kept a logbook with unusual animals. His diary contained the esoteric ideas of quantum mechanics, concepts that were not yet known in physics.

American friends urged him to publish research on time travel, quantum mechanics, and other topics.

His ideas were far-fetched at the time and he was called a charlatan. He lost his life. He was accused by another collector of rare species of theft.

He was quickly forgotten. Nobody knew anything about him except 1942 when Theodor, a man who claimed to be Theodor, donated a building for a London orphanage. The only condition was that the cellar not be opened.

Theodor was likely to have a distant relative as the 45-year-old man was seen. After that, he was gone.

We may be able to deduce that Theodore was not alive in 1942 if we look at how long men live these days. He was 160 years old when he was born in 1782.

According to his diary, Alabaster was mentioned in his diary as having anti-aging properties. Unfortunately, no such object was found in the basement craters.

Is it possible that Theodor discovered a youth elixir. Is it possible that Theodor discovered the youth elixir?


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