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Cold Water vs. Warm Water: One of Them is Damaging to Your Health

 Reasons to Drink Warm Water

When your body is dehydrated it may cause many serious health problems, such as headaches, constipation, joint pains, digestive problems, or others. Usually, the people during the day forget to drink enough water. They are actually not aware of this powerful liquid that helps keep your body to function properly.

As the body contains up to 60% percent water, it’s very important to rehydrate it daily, however, it shouldn’t be with cold water. Numerous studies reveal that drinking warm water enhances the water’s benefits for the body.

What are the effects of Cold Water Do to Your Body?

The European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research released review paper of the benefits when you drink cold water (45 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit):

– The colder temperature of the water makes your blood vessels smaller, which restrict circulation of the blood and your digestive abilities

– Your body, instead of working to turn the food you’ve eaten into energy, works harder trying to regulate new, colder temperatures

– Cold water creates excess mucus in your body and increases your likelihood of getting sick

– The low temperature of the water can solidify fats, making them harder for your body to digest

7 Reasons to Drink Warm Water (80 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit)

Practices in Traditional Hindu and Chinese Medicine maintain that it is good for the people to drink warm water, which has beneficial physiological effects.

1. Improves Metabolism

The consumption of the warm/hot water stimulates a healthier metabolism and quicker metabolic rates. For the best results, you should drink it early in the morning, mixed with a splash of lemon juice. This drink may help kick-start your metabolism.

2. Boosts Digestion

In order to flush out toxins from your body, you can drink a glass of warm/hot water, which has the ability to break down foods and oils faster, making your digestive proves easier. The best time to drink warm water is after a meal.

The British Homeopathic Association, suggests a cup of boiled water before breakfast for cleansing your stomach and aiding the digestion.

3.  Cleans and Purifies Your Blood

According to the Ayurvedic medicine, the best way of storing water is in a copper vessel (e.g. a copper water bottle). They believe that copper helps kill harmful bacteria and purify the blood. You should drink your warm water out of a copper container in the morning, which will increase your body’s natural detoxification process.

Additionally, some health professionals confirmed that due to the health benefits that this mineral has, the water drunk from it may, also have a significant impact on your overall health.

4. Battles Obesity and High Cholesterol

The mixture of the warm water and lemon (or lime) can be especially beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes. Additionally, it helps breaking down build-up in arteries which increases blood circulation, helps the regulating of your weight and the blood sugar levels.

5. Eases Constipation

Due to dehydration the people can suffer from the bloating, felt during bouts of constipation.  By drinking the warm water consistently throughout the day, you’ll help your bowel to move regularly. Remember to drink it on an empty stomach.

6. Lowers Mucus Accumulation

In one study, researchers compared the effects of cold water, hot water, and chicken soup on mucus accumulation. The results were in favor of the hot water because the amount of mucus accumulation decreased in the nose, throat, and gastrointestinal tract in the people who consumed hot water.

Consumption of hot water reduces the possibility of catching a virus. Keeping the mucus moving it doesn’t allow bacteria to remain and grow in those areas.

7.  Makes You Friendlier

A study published in Science suggests that drinking a hot beverage (water) can improve your mood.

Researchers speculated that our brain processes “warmth” and that the people are judged in similar ways. For example, people who briefly held a cup of iced coffee looking at a “target person” perceived them as significantly colder than those who briefly held a hot coffee cup.

So, the pleasurable feeling that drinking warm water gives you might be of great help to see other people as “warmer” or more pleasurable as well.

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