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Forget the Search For Water on Mars! A Fossilized Dinosaur Has Been Discovered

NASA has announced indications for water on the surface of Mars, however, this is shadowed by reports by extraterrestrial hunters who claimed they discovered a fossilized dinosaur on the Mars rock.

The alien hunters placed online images originally shot by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. The picture showed a mysterious rock structure, and UFO researchers speculated that it might be the bones of an ancient creature that was fossilized on Mars. Mars Curiosity Rover Took Pictures Showing Dinosaur Fossilized The picture was sent via the Paranormal Crucible channel to YouTube, and the Mars Curiosity Rover was taken near the Gale Crater. In the film, the fossils of dinosaurs from ancient times are reported to be shown. The alien hunters found out that if you take a closer glance, there is a wide cranium with a fixed small bone and a broad empty eyebrow, and a big curved backbone.

It was claimed that when the fossil is reconstructed with advanced techniques and colorization, you will then see that it is the remnants of a creature who once existed on the red planet. Fossil traces may be ancient or just a few hundred years old In the video, it was claimed that the creature’s fossil remains may be ancient, but it was also mentioned that maybe just a hundred years earlier it could have been and could be the fossils of the Martian form of the Komodo dragon that is wandering about Earth but may live in harsh environments.

The video claimed it may be a composite species of a dragon that had walked across Mars once. You may assume NASA will be really happy about this finding. It appears, though, that this may not be unique and evidence of anything from aliens to ancient fossils and stone age tools has been proposed. The so-called fossil-free has been identified by NASA as nothing more than eroded rocks, as they had in the past, and that international hunters are victims of optical illusions. They claimed that the brain tricks the eye to see forms and artifacts familiar with textured textures or patterns.

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