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10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime

At the beginning of any relationship, people tend to think that it’s going to last forever. Later, to our regret or happiness, real life puts everything in its place. However, there are universal ways to find out whether your relationship is going to be everlasting or not.


We collected information about 10 factors in your relationship that can predict whether you’ll live happily with your partner all your life. However, you should understand that not having matches with all of them, is not a reason to be upset – everything is very individual. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus that will help you distinguish true love from a simple crush or infatuation.


10. You have approximately the same social status.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
At the beginning of any relationship, these differences usually go unnoticed because we are deeply in love and don’t notice inconsistencies. But think about the fact that your partner was brought up in a different way, he or she has a different attitude about the simplest things and, because of this, doesn’t understand you fully. Of course, if people want to be together they will learn to adjust and learn from each other. Nevertheless, it will be much easier to cooperate if the environments you were brought up in were somewhat the same.


9. Your sense of humor is alike.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
Isn’t it amazing when you understand what your partner’s jokes are all about and when you see that this person likes your jokes too? Sometimes a sense of humor is the very thing that helps to sustain a healthy family life. So if you’re on the same wavelength, there’s a 90% chance you’ll have a successful and happy life together!

8. You have the same views on parenting.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
When a couple has made a decision to have a child, it means that their relationship is stable. However, there are some hidden issues here too – you might be thinking that one child is enough, while your partner might be insisting on having two kids or you might have different expectations for their healthcare. It’s better to discuss these things beforehand (not necessarily on the first date) to have an idea of what you’ll have to deal with in future.


7. Your attitude about finances is the same.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
It’s very difficult for people who are not used to planning their budget to find a common language with those who relate to every purchase with a big sense of responsibility. The topic of finances is very delicate and that’s why it’s better to live your life with a person who shares your interests. Otherwise, that might become the #1 reason for arguments.

6. You have the same opinion about household chores.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
To avoid a situation where your life is chaotic because of unshared household duties, it’s better to live with this person for at least one month before getting married. If you’re a perfectionist who keeps all your belongings organized and your partner doesn’t know how to find the closet in your home, it’s something to think about. Will you be able to stand everlasting arguments because of a messy house?


5. You share the same state of mind in the intimate sphere.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
This one is simple – you won’t be excited if you find out that your intimate needs are not fulfilled regularly. It’s better to wait for a while until the euphoria from being in love cools down and analyze how much your libidos match.

4. You have the same priorities in life.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
It’s very difficult for two people with different priorities to live together. If your wife wants to dedicate herself to managing the home and you were not considering being the only person working in the family, then you’ll have to look for a compromise. If you are not ready for this arrangement, then it could be a good topic to consider before you start the relationship.

3. Both of you are ready for a common future.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
If you are ready for a family life but your partner keeps putting off the moment of kneeling and asking you to marry him, it can be very disappointing. At the beginning of a relationship, it’s better to look closer at your partner and find out whether he has the same priorities as you do. Does he want the same things as you do? If the answer is yes, then you can start the relationship without any doubts.

2. You feel interested when you’re together.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you start feeling as if you know your partner inside out. At this stage, it’s very important to spend time together to keep each other engaged and interested. For instance, you can go to the movies together, have a candle-lit dinner, or an evening walk – any activity that will make both of you feel comfortable.

1. You are not trying to change each other.

10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
This idea relates to those people who, at the beginning of their relationship, think, “I don’t like his character much, but I’ll be able to change him.” You won’t. You’ll probably be able to inspire him for some change, but if there’s something that you really don’t like and you think that you’ll be able to correct it, don’t start the relationship at all. How would you feel if someone was trying to make you into a different person?


10 Things That Show Your Relationship Can Last a Lifetime
The main factor determining whether you are in true love or are currently having a crush is the feeling of possession. When in love we have a great desire to be a part of our loved one’s life. We try to spend as much time as possible together, sometimes even ignoring our partner’s desire to stay alone. Additionally, some people tend to get offended when their offer to spend some time together gets declined, even if the reason for this is important. True love never causes this feeling of “ownership.” It implies showing empathy, compassion, and care every time your partner asks for it. There’s no place for jealousy and it’s all about showing respect for your loved one’s wishes.

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