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Mistreated Pregnant Dog Shot 17 Times Has Now Become A Registered Therapy Dog

The Story of Maggie – A five-year-old dog from Lebanon needs to expand to let people know that his ear is cut off, his eyes are cracked and his jaws are helplessly broken because she was shot 17 times.

Wild Heart Charity found Maggie tied to a box. She was pregnant when they found her and saved her.  The concerned citizen in Lebanon posted Maggie’s poor condition, pointing out that Maggie is a true survivor, and she remained positive despite her horrible experiences. Her life took a 360-degree turn when subsequently catching the attention of a 25 years dog lover in the UK named Kasey Carlin.

This story of Maggie has won the hearts of thousands with unwavering inner strength.

After quality rehab, Maggie began training as a helper dog.

In one of Kasey’s beautiful and heartfelt Instagram posts, it was revealed that Maggie had passed the dog therapy test.

Kasey stated her intention to visit the schools Maggie had completed and to continue to share the story of her and her contributions to her current role as a verified therapy pooch with Underdog International.

Following everything that happened to Maggie on her Instagram page, she now has over 100,000 followers. Her popular name with which she captures her new life journey is “sweet happy disabled rescue dog.”

Stories like this have moved hundreds of people to incredible acts of generosity and inspired the rescue of many more dogs just like them! With the help of many generous people can be provided care, treatment, and homes for hundreds more dogs with severe disabilities and injuries.

Today, Maggie’s life keeps getting better, because she has so much love and kindness to give. Maggie’s strength is an inspiration for many and may you touch more lives.


Here is a comment of one of the followers:

“And whoever did this to her could have just taken her to a humane society. Or maybe they were just doing for fun. Despicable. She is a beautiful dog. I had a German Shepherd that looked almost just like her. And she was a very beautiful dog.”

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