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7 Days – 7 Kilos Less (The Cucumber Diet)

Give this simple diet a try, if you are not aware and don’t like to worry about what you consume. In a period of maximum 10 days you will be able to boost your overall health. You only need to stay active physically every moment as much as possible and a few products for the diet.

The name gives it away, the main ingredient of this diet is the cucumber of course.

The meals that the diet will offer you, will have no limited amounts, which is very important as well, and you can have the meal anywhere you want. This diet is also very good for your entire body, it will purify your organism, cleanse your intestines, support your digestion and stimulate your metabolism.

Consuming cucumber on daily basis, will also cause another benefit for us, for example it will eliminate the excess water from your body. The cucumber might be the perfect detoxification product for your whole body.

Which is why a lot of the famous girl masks are based on cucumber.

Meal Plan

Follow this plan if you want this diet to work and help you.


Get 200 g of sliced cucumber, and mix it with some type of low fat yogurt and if you still feel hunger you can have an apple or a few slices of a peach.


For the main meal of the day, you will have a single slice of dry bread, and a very large salad of cucumber salad. Give this recipe below a try, if you want to taste something very different, and effective the same, here are the ingredients:

  • Cucumber
  • Drinks: Coffee and Tea with no sugar
  • 300 grams of fresh fruits
  • 2 Potatoes

First you need to bake or boil the potatoes, you can choose, and then you need to get a few slices of a whole wheat bread and consume the potatoes sliced on smaller pieces. After the lunch you can have any fresh fruit you want, or simply get a fruit salad. Feel free to drink tea or coffee that have no sugar in it.

One more recipe you should give a try:

  • Cucumber
  • 2 eggs or 15 grams of white meat / 150 grams of tuna
  • 2 potatoes / 3 whole wheat bread slices

What would you choose bread or potatoes, well it doesn’t really matter, and you need to consume them apart with some cucumber slices and tuna. You can grill the meat without any oil, and if you don’t like the taste of the tuna then you should definitely give it a try but without the tuna.

Cucumber Shake

Grab a cucumber shake between every meal, and there is no amount that is limited that you need to consume this much or that much, you only need this to prepare it:

  • 1 cucumber
  • Ginger
  • 1 apple
  • 20 grams of walnuts and almonds
  • A handful of spinach

Get the blender and put the spinach, cucumber and apple inside it, then blend well. You should put them inside with their peel. Continue with the blending and add the ginger as well. Once the mixture is homogeneous you can stop the blender.

Use the almonds and walnuts to decorate your glass, and know that the shake should be consumed right away. The healing properties might be lost if the drink was left to rest. Also the drink is a rich source of vitamin E,  vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, calcium, fiber and magnesium.


The dinner is the tricky part, because you need to consume different types of food, and you need to choose your favorite fruit and have 300 grams of it as well or put it in your fruit salad.

For Best Results

Focus on a much more rigorous diet of you want to see quick results in less than a week. For the breakfast meal the fruits, the 200 grams of cucumber and yogurt, for lunch a single slice of dry bread and a cucumber salad. And finally for dinner, you are only allowed to have a fruit salad.

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