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Wuhan 400: A Novel Predicted Coronavirus 40 Years Ago! But How?!

An excerpt from the Novel “The Eyes of Darkness”, a 1981 thriller by bestselling author Dean Koontz it amazed everyone. This novel came to the attention of Internet users recently after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in China.

This novel written in 1981 is about a Chinese military laboratory that creates a deadly virus as part of a program that deals with biological weapons. If you have this book, open it in Chapter 39, which talks about a laboratory in Wuhan. That laboratory is responsible for the release of the deadly virus.

It should be mentioned that in reality in Wuhan there is a laboratory that deals with the study of deadly viruses. It is located near the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, right next to that food market where everything is said to have started. There were even rumors that the virus had really been out of control in that Wuhan lab and that would have triggered the epidemic, but for the time being, we have not found any evidence to support this.

However, the resemblance between the details of this novel and what has happened in Wuhan lately is striking. What should it be? A simple coincidence? Predictive programming? What is your opinion about this topic? Leave your comment below.

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