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According To Russia, Antarctica Is Not What We’ve Been Told

According to Russia, Antarctica is not what we think it is. According to sources, both the Russian and American governments have kept in secret what Antarctica really is as both nations know what is really going on on the frozen continent.

The latest news is that Russia revealed that there exists another continent underneath Antarctica. This gave birth to many theories and conspiracies according to which under the ice of Antarctica lies an ancient civilization.Moreover, Russian scientists have discovered hundreds of lakes with freshwater underneath the ice of Antarctica.


If this wasn’t enough for you to pay attention to this. A group of Russian scientists stumbled upon a creature called Organism 46b.


This creature is extremely dangerous since it paralyzes the prey with venom and then tears it into pieces.

This creature motivates conspirators to believe in the existence of unimaginable monsters luring in the depths of this gigantic and unknown continent.

The creature was taken to a laboratory for further investigation and It looks like an octopus with 14 arms.

Unfortunately, one of the members of the crew was “eliminated” by this monstrosity. At the moment scientists are studying the potential of the venom it produces. We don’t know much more about what is going on in Antarctica, but one thing is certain, there are many more secrets that we still don’t know.



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