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Ladies Need to Stop Doing this Things to Their Intimate Parts

Ladies, this is very important for you to remember (and understand) – the best and only way to prevent for bacteria is to take a good care of your intimate area. There are different products on the market shelves today that can improve the health and prevent the odor. But, unfortunately, some of them are loaded with harmful chemicals.

  1. Mating

It’s very simple – just sit down in a chair while you smoke a bowl of tea. The tea should be a combo made of herbs and wormwood. This is a Chinese method, which allows the steam to enter the body and clean the intimate area and the uterus.

  1. Rinse

According to the experts, you shouldn’t use gels and other commercial products, because these products can cause infection on the intimate parts that can lead to infertility. These products are also linked to other health problems as well. The experts say that you should clean the surface of the intimate area and that’s it! And, remember these 2 things – always wipe from front to back while using toilet paper; clean the intimate area with hot water, no gels or other products.

  1. Fragrant soaps

We can easily say that fragrant soaps are the number one reason for irritation in the genital area in women and teenage girls. How this works – well, soaps are made to break up the oil, but they break up the oil that protects the skin. And ladies, this may cause skin dryness and it can irritate your skin.

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