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Here’s How To Stop A Heart Attack In 60 Seconds

The next time you find yourself in a situation where someone is experiencing a heart attack, don’t panic, just follow these instructions and save a life. The only ingredient you need is cayenne pepper which can stop a heart attack in just one minute.

Both healers and herbalists claim that they have never lost a patient with a heart attack since they always bring cayenne pepper with them in their pockets. The very second a heart attack occurs, all you need to do is to take 1 tsp of cayenne pepper and pour it over hot water, like a cayenne tea. As a result of this mixture, the patient will get back to his or her feet in just one minute.

The best ways to use cayenne pepper

In order to stop a heart attack, the cayenne pepper must be at least 90,000 heat units. As we previously mentioned, just mix 1 tbsp of cayenne in a hot water and give it to the patient immediately. On the other hand, if the patient is still unconscious, you should use tincture or cayenne extract. Just put a couple of droppers underneath the person’s tongue. health, medicine, nutrition, food, food and dining, science, 

As a result of this treatment, the heart rate increases and the circulation is balanced.

Other uses of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper works as aq catalyst which is why you can mix it with many other herbs, but don’t mix it with those combinations which serve to treat nerve problems. Cayenne powder has the ability to speed up the circulation, stimulate the body, and it also possesses enhancing herbal formulas, particularly those used in the treatment of heart issues, female complaints, infections, ulcers, arthritis, and thyroid problems. Moreover, it is effective with diuretics and laxatives, too.

It contains 26 other nutrients such as vitamins A and C, and minerals like calcium. Magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

Due to its 90,000 Scoville units, this powder is very effective in the treatment of a heart attack. Besides that, it is also extremely beneficial for our digestive system and provides anticancer and antifungal properties as well. You can use cayenne pepper to treat flu, redness, arthritis, migraines, and allergies.

In this article we will present you how you can make your own tincture, just follow the instructions properly.

How to make a tincture?


  • 50% of alcohol (vodka will do the work);
  • A few fresh cayenne peppers;
  • Cayenne pepper powder;
  • 1 glass bottle (1 liter is preferable);
  • Gloves (cayenne pepper is hot).

How to prepare it:

Make sure to put your gloves on and then fill ¼ of the bottle with cayenne powder. After that, add enough alcohol to cover the powder, blend the fresh peppers, and then add the alcohol so that it looks like a sauce. Once prepared, pour the mixture in a glass bottle but make sure to leave the bottle ¼ empty. After that, add some more alcohol, to fill it to the top. Secure it well and make sure to shake it several times per day. Leave it for 28-29 days and once this period ends, you should strain it with a gauze. You should store the mixture in a dark bottle. If you want to prepare even stronger tincture, then let it stand for 3 months. The best part about the tincture is that it won’t spoil.

A patient who suffers a heart attack should take 5 to 10 drops of this tincture. After 5 minutes, you can add 5 or 10 drops again. After this treatment, the patient should become stable. On the other hand, If the patient is unconscious, you should put 1-3 drops of it under the tongue and perform the CPR. Make sure to repeat this treatment every 5 minutes until the patient is recovered.

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