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Here Is Why the Hunza People Get to Live up to 120 Years

Have you ever heard of the Hunza people and their longevity? If not, here’s your chance to get to know them. Hunza people are divided into 4 ethnicities and live in 2 different regions in the mountainous part in Pakistan.

Hunza people are known for their longevity because the majority of these people have lived for more than a century. In fact, some of them even lived up to 150 years. The Hunza females can give birth even at the age of 65. Most of Hunza people are literate and have a high school diploma.

Although it’s hard to believe it, this is completely true. Do you want to learn their habits and lifestyle?

Well, Hunza people are famous farmers who work on the fields the entire day. They eat the produce they grow which is rich in nutrients, as a result of the perfectly clean environment. In addition, they never eat processed foods and have never heard of the disease ‘cancer’. They eat apricots and apricot seeds on a regular basis. Beside this, they eat a lot of fruits, veggies, including lettuce, spinach, cherries, squash, potatoes, peaches, blackberries, pears, peas, and turnips.

They are not vegetarian but they eat meat very little, chicken meat usually. Their diet is also rich in milk and cheese, as animal protein sources. They drink yogurt regularly, which help them to optimize the intestinal flora in a natural way.

As bread, the Hunza people eat ‘chapatti’ which is also a form of bread and is rich in vitamin E. They eat this kind of bread with every meal since they believe it increase the potency in men. Moreover, Hunzas eat grains such as wheat, millet, buckwheat, and barley. They eat nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, beechnuts, and walnuts. So, the question is: what should we do to be as healthy as them?

Eat Organic Food – Eat natural foods only to improve the overall health. If possible, grow your own food.

Be Active – To prevent various health complications, you need to be physically active. Find an appropriate workout program and exercise 3 times per week at least.

Avoid Stress – Stress, the root cause of all diseases, is considered to be the greatest silent killer nowadays. So, to be in a good mood, avoid stressful situations and obligations and avoid negative people. Start meditating every day to improve your mental and physical health, as well.

Educate Yourself – Your body will benefit a lot if you keep your brain active. 

Stay single or be in a healthy relationship – First of all, try to establish a healthy relationship with yourself. What is of a crucial importance is the positivism, so avoid all sources of negativity in your life. Chose to be either in a happy relationship or stay single, but remain optimistic.

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