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700-Calorie Workout That Burns Fat From The First Minute

This 700-calorie workout is a fat burning machine. I’m not gonna lie, it is hard of. But the results are bigger than you’ll expect. So believe me, it really worth the next day soreness. exercise, workouts, weight loss, health, science, exercise, workouts, weight loss, health, science, exercise, workouts, weight loss, health, science, 

Obesity is a very common problem in 70% of the people. But it also brings several diseases with it which not only increase more weight but also make your body shapeless. As a result, your body tends to gain weight in any part.

To control this, you need to burn some calories every day to make sure you’re creating a calorie deficit. With the 700-calorie workout, you can eliminate the extra fat from your body in just 45 minutes.

There is a very simple rule to maintain your weight: burn the same amount of calories that you have had consumed in a day. If you will follow this simple tip, you will never gain any extra pounds.

Let’s jump on to the effective cardio workout session that will help you to burn 700 calories easily.

700-Calorie Workout

This is the medium level where you would need a mat or carpet, some paper plates or small towels, weights/dumbbells and a chair or stool. The 700-calorie workout consists of 4 main sessions:

  1. A warmup cardio session (about 7 minutes);
  2. Strength exercises (18 minutes);
  3. Repeat the cardio session (7 minutes);
  4. Abdominal workout (7 minutes).

Below are all workout sessions explained, and at the end of the article, you’ll find a video demonstration with all the moves.


We’ll start with a 7-minute cardio session. There are 5 exercises, 30 seconds each, and you have to do 3 sets.

1. Toe Touch Jumping Jacks (30 sec)

It’s just like a basic exercise that you would have performed in your school days. Jump up with both hands over your head, then squat down and touch your feet with the hands. Stand up and repeat for 30 seconds.

Keep your back straight during the entire exercise.

2. Switch Lunges (30 sec)

Keeping your chest up, kneel without touching the floor with your knee. Then jump kneeling with the other leg, again, without touching the floor with the knee. Alternate legs for 30 seconds.

3. Half Burpee With A Star Jump (30 sec)

As the name already suggest it, you’ll have to do a burpee, but instead of just jumping up, you’ll have to do a star jump. You have 30 seconds to perform as many reps as you can.

4. High Knees (30 sec)

Run in place and try to raise your knees as high as you can, while maintaining your back straight. Keep running with knees high for 30 seconds.

This is the best warm-up move in this 700-calorie workout session and helps the body to increase your stamina.

5. Frog Jump Burpees (30 sec)

These are burpees with a push-up and a frog jump combined. Do as many reps you can in 30 seconds.

Now, that you’ve finished the cardio workout, rest for as long as you need to recover (but no more than 5 minutes) before moving on to the strength workout session.


The strength session of the 700-calorie workout has 6 different exercises where 50 seconds will include continuous workout and then 10 seconds of rest in between exercises. Here are the strength training moves:

1. Squat With Front Raise (50 sec)

This exercise is just like a regular squat, but on the way down you have to raise the dumbbells in front of you, at the shoulders level. Do it for 50 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

2. Tricep Push-Up + Mountain Climbers (50 sec)

Do 4 push-ups and then 4 mountain climbers, and repeat until the 50 seconds run out. When doing tricep push-ups, keep your hands as close as possible on the floor. A narrower gap between your hands means a better workout for your triceps.

3. Alternating Back Lunge With Bicep Curls (50 sec)

Lunge back and do a double bicep curl at the same time. Don’t rush and focus on your posture during the entire 50 seconds.

4. Single Leg Squat (50 sec each leg)

This is considered to be the most difficult exercise, but with a little practice, you can do it like a pro. All you need is a chair behind you for support.

As the title suggests, you’ll have to squat in one leg only. For a better balance, use a chair to sit on it when squatting down. You can make it harder by removing the chair.

5. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings

Just swing the weight up at the shoulders level, and down between your legs for 50 seconds.

The strength workout is done now, so rest for a couple of minutes, then do the cardio session again.


Repeat the cardio session 3 times to boost your fat burning process. This 700-calorie workout is tough, but you’re halfway there; so keep pushing IV. ABS WORKOUT (3 SETS)

The last session of the 700-calorie workout targets the abdominal muscles and consists of 7 different exercises where 50 seconds will include continuous workout and then 10 seconds of rest in between exercises. Here are the abs exercises:

1. Russian Twists (50 sec)

Keep your feet off the ground and your back straight forming a 60 degrees angle with the floor. Twist from side to side holding a weight with your hands. Do it for 50 seconds.

2. Sliding Pikes (50 sec)

Use two tea towels under your toes, as sliders, and get into the plank position. Pike and plank until the 50 seconds run out. Make sure to engage your abs the entire time.

3. Knee Tucks (50 sec)

Sit down on the mat with legs fully extended and slightly off the ground. Lean back so that your spine forms a 30 degrees angle with the ground. This is the starting position.

Now bring your knees toward your chest and hold for a second. Return to the starting position and repeat for 50 seconds.

4. Knee In And Out Sliding Pikes (50 sec)

This exercise is just like the regular sliding pikes, but before bringing the knees toward the chest, you need to slide your legs out and back in. And You have 50 seconds to master this move.

5. Side Plank With Knee Tuck (50 sec on each side)

Get into a side plank position, then tuck one leg toward the elbow. Do it for 50 seconds. Repeat planking on the other side.

6. V-Hold (to failure)

Lie flat on the mat with legs and arms at 45 degrees. Your shoulders should also be slightly off the mat. Hold this position for as long as you can, but no less than 50 seconds.

With these simple exercises, you can actually burn 700 calories. With the right pump-up music as motivation, you can finish this 700-calorie workout that will make you sweat like a pig.

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